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Weekend Reads: May 16th

It’s been another busy week here.  Work has kept me on my toes and I came down with a nasty fever thing in the middle of the week.  Not sure what it was but a lot of extra sleep seemed to take it away.  It did leave me with some extra free time to brainstorm ideas for the blog and to read some of the other great blog feeds I subscribe too.  You might want to check these out on a lazy Sunday.

7th Mediterranean Cooking Event - Tobias Cooks: Algeria.  A friend and fellow blogger has entered several dishes in this contest.  She is an authentic Algerian cook and her I always love seeing what she’s prepared.  Please visit the site, check out her recipes and show her some love!  She’s registered for; Crevettes Tipazienne, Tajine de Saurel, Aïn-El-Turck chicken, and Loubia bel dersa

Chronicles of Nezha – Part 2 – Life in Marrakesh – I pretty much bookmarked every post this week but when I read this one I knew it was the one that you needed to read too.  If you really want a look at Marrakech, not the glitzy, glamour of Hollywood ala Morocco, but part of the real Marrakech – read this.  

My Lunch at Paula Wolfert’s House – The Colors of Indian Cooking: Just the pictures alone will have you drooling.  These two ladies are just fantastic.

Encourage Kids to Cook by hosting a Cooking-Themed Birthday Party: Simple Bites.  I know my son would absolutely love this kind of party – great one to keep on hand for any kind of kid’s party!

A little Housekeeping: Dinner on a Deadline:  Are you participating in the challenge?  I am and I’ll be posting this past week’s homework next week!

Artichokes with Saffron, Orange, Olives, and Almonds – Desert Candy:  Another great recipe.  My mouth was watering reading it!

Walima May Challenge – Another challenge, focusing on Turkish cuisine.  It’s a great chance to step outside your comfort level and try something new.  Trust me you’ll thank me!

Local vs Organic Produce – Which is Better?  Simple Organic: I’m of the frame of mind that local, organic produce is best, followed by local, and lastly transported organic.  This article might clear some cobwebs on the issue.

Aprons for Beda – Not a blog but a good cause.  We have some very good friends who have adopted children from Ethiopia through their church and KVI.  I am a huge advocate for international adoption to loving homes and know how huge the cost can be.  Please consider purchasing one of these super cute, handmade aprons for a good cause.  

Have a great week!  And I love hearing from you – don’t be afraid to drop a comment or two!


  1. Marie-P says:

    Awesome links! Thanks so much!!

  2. Should be fixed – not sure what went wrong! Very cool about the Marrakechi cooks and Paula Wolfert!

  3. Amanda, wow, thanks for the link. You are so very kind. By the way, I tried to follow the link to the next article about Paula Wolfert, and it sent me back to my own page. Please fix the link, I'm interested in Paula Wolfert as I met her last year and ended up helping her find good Moroccan cooks here in Marrakesh.

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