Weekend Reads: April 16

Just a few reads for this weekend – get out and enjoy the spring weather!

Top 10 Reasons to think of Morocco on Global Earth Day: PR Newswire : Did you know Rabat was one of 6 cities to host Global Earth day events? That’s right!  Check this out and find out why you should think of Morocco this Earth Day!

Marrakesh’s Stylish Transformation: Travel and Leisure:  I have mixed emotions about this whole transformation thing but if you’re interested in Marrakech it’s worth a read.

Prime Minster of Norway running Country from his Ipad: Foreign Policy: Gosh darn that silly Icelandic volcano..

Among the Righteous-Arab’s Saving Jews during the Holocaust: The Middle East Channel @ Foreign Policy:  A really great documentary and stories that were lost.  So glad that someone thought to remember and bring these stories to light.

MOMeo Community: Check out this great site, especially momprenuers for community and great reads!


  1. Archie Ferguson says:


    Thanks so much for the links. They are quite interesting especially “Among the Righteous-Arab’s Saving Jews during the Holocaust”. I like this a lot. :)

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