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We’re baaaaack!

So after an uber-long hiatus that involved both of my kids spending a few months, yes that’s right – months! with grandmas and grandpas, we will all be together on Tuesday. And boy are there some changes.

1. We’ve physically moved! We left Washington DC at the beginning of August and are now in Wisconsin, living with my mom and stepdad for the immediate time. Pending how long it takes us to get jobs. (please keep your fingers crossed for us to find something soon)

2. The boys are spoiled rotten – all discipline that we had established has basically gone out the window.

3. Little K no longer remembers English. He spent the summer with grandma in Morocco and his Arabic is excellent but he hasn’t said a word of English in 2 days.

4. M will be going to kindergarten on Sept. 1! We are considering enrolling K in part time preschool but haven’t decided yet.

M left school at the end of May – making for an almost 3 1/2 month break – and while he had a great summer, he’s a bit out of control and has no structure going on. Today we sat down to try and do school (at his proding) and his normally long attention span of a good hour, has been cut down to about 3 minutes. He isn’t listening or doing what he should be. Let’s just say in the week I’ve been with him everything has been a battle. From what my husband says K is in a similar state. Really really making me question the decision to have them go for the summer.

My plan now is to go back to ground zero. I saw an idea somewhere (can’t find the link right now) of a mom who was struggling with some organization issues. I’m thinking that a list for them to see, with pictures to move from “to do” to “done” would help. That way I don’t have to nag and they can clearly see what needs to be done before bed and in the morning.

As far as school – I’m going to use an alphabet theme to start with. This will help M review and K get started. M knows the letters, what they sound like, and how to write them but still mixes up a few sometimes. I know a lot of kids he’ll be in school with don’t know all the letters through recognition so I do think he’ll be a bit ahead already but hopefully it will give him time to work on writing – which he hates.

So next week we will start slow and increase as we go.


  1. wow how neat a summer in Morocco! that is awesome!

    Good Luck on mommy school and job hunts!

    Good luck on Wisconson winters they are brutal!

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