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Adorable and Easy Camel Bookmark Craft

The kids are going to love making this Camel Bookmark Craft! It’s the perfect way to work on fine motor skills and get them excited about reading, too! 

The next time that you’re looking for a simple craft idea for kids, why not make this easy DIY bookmark that they can put to good use? Have them pick out their favorite book to pair with it to get them ready to mark their place the next time that they read. 

a camel bookmark craft

How can I make reading fun for kids?

If you’re looking for a fun way to get the kids interested in books, having them be a part of the bookmark process is a simple way to do that. And if they’re fans of camels, they’ll love making their own paper camel to mark the pages that they read or look at! 

Don’t forget that reading is a great way to let the kids realize their inner creativity, which is helpful when starting a bookmark craft like this. 

Supplies needed to make this Easy Bookmark Craft 

Did I mention that you just need a few simple supplies to make this easy bookmark? The kids will learn a bit of folding fun at the same time! 

You can also change the color of the paper so that the camels can be customized for each person. If they don’t want to make an orange camel, then they can make a blue one, a pink one, a white one, or a brown one. The options are endless, so let them have fun. 

Tips for Making a Bookmark

One of the biggest tips to remember when making this easy camel bookmark is to let the kids be a part of the process. I’ve included a video to show the steps, so make sure to follow along with that. 

Don’t fret – even though there might look like a lot of steps; I promise you that it’s not hard to do at all! A little bit of folding is all that has to happen before that paper camel will be sitting on the edge of the paper! 

Do I need to use a template? 

I highly recommend it. The good news is I’m giving you the exact template that you need to make this camel bookmark, so all you have to do is print, cut, and use that as your guide. 

How does the bookmark stay on the corner of the page? 

It’s all about the folding of the paper. The steps show how to carefully fold the edges so that they’ll hold against the page of the book. This bookmark craft should fit on any book page, regardless if they’re thick or thin, or a standard size or not. 

Hand holding a camel bookmark
Yield: 1

Camel Bookmark Craft

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

This cute camel bookmark craft is great for your next classroom project.


  • 1 Square piece of paper
  • Tape
  • Marker
  • Template pieces


  1. Cut a piece of paper into an exact square.
  2. Move the paper so the point faces towards your stomach.
  3. Fold up to create a triangle.
  4. Fold down the top point of the triangle until it just touches the fold of the bottom of the paper.
  5. Then, fold up each of the corners, to create a smaller square.
  6. Again working in the front fold of paper, fold the points down facing to the interior of the pocket.
  7. Cut out the template pieces and draw on the camel face.
  8. Tape or glue the pieces of the camel onto the square in the right places.

Get the template pieces here

Fun Ways to Use this Camel Printable Activity

Even though this is a bookmark, let the kids use their imagination for this activity. It’s easy to make and actually super fun to play with!  

Let them make a whole family of camels out of different colored papers! These would be super cute for a birthday party craft, a family gathering activity, or even a simple DIY gift for the kids to make for someone who loves books. 

Use these fun bookmarks as a great way to motivate the kids to open up and mark the pages of a book. These bookmarks are so much better to use than folding over the edges of the pages and leaving those dreaded crease marks – and they look so much cuter, too! 

Decorate the pages of your books with these adorable camels and show off the kid’s creative skills. 

Books to Pair With This Bookmark

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