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Ramadan Resource Round-Up

Ramadan Resource Round-Up

With Ramadan just around the corner I thought I would share some of my favorite resources for Ramadan products and inspiration.  Whether you’re looking for spiritual inspiration, help in the kitchen, or decorating for guests, these companies and resources I know and trust.

Paper Goods

Just a few years ago it was virtually impossible to find high-quality Ramadan decorations and paper goods.  If you wanted Ramadan napkins or iftar invitations – forget it!  There have been a few really great companies that now offer excellent products.

Silver Envelope offers not only Ramadan and Eid products but also items for                         a new baby or wedding.  With a wide variety of options and products available           there’s something for every celebration here.



 modernEID has some very beautiful and unique designs. If you’ve got even an ounce of creativity you will love using their materials. Whether you’re looking for pre-made banners, invites, and decorations or you want to make your own they’ve got you covered!



Eid Creations is a great stop for cute plates, napkins and mylar balloons.  Their products are also sold wholesale so if you’re looking for supplies for your masjid parties or iftars their products would be a unique and beautiful addition.




I love the bright colors of Lantern Court products! Their coordinated plates, napkins and balloons will instantly brighten up any Ramadan celebration.  They also have products for Eid.



 I am always looking for unique gifts and love Simply Impressions design line.  I have  been eyeing many of their pieces for our home.  These truly are pieces of art and at an incredibly reasonable price.


Food Products

I love to cook, but I also love shortcuts.  I fully believe in eating whole foods that are not overly processed and loaded with sugar and salts. Here are some of my favorite food companies to make meals easier and Ramadan special.

Mina Harissa offers harissa in three different heat levels. These products come in a glass jar, and store for months in the refrigerator.  What’s even more important to me is that the recipe comes from a Moroccan woman whose history is steeped in the food traditions of Morocco.



Khlii is a Moroccan specialty, but it’s time consuming to make and most home cooks (like me) don’t have the time or patience to make this.  Moroccan Khlii is a Tampa, FL based company who sells khlii to the US market.  We’ve purchased in the past and the quality and taste is excellent.



Are you looking for Moroccan cookies? Delight Cookies offers many different varieties of Moroccan pastries shipped right to your door!  All of the pastries are handmade and are a great addition to any Ramadan table!




Saffron Road Simmer Sauces

Saffron Road Food offers multiple products to make your Ramadan meal preparation easy and delicious.  Simmer sauces help pull together a main dish in no time. Their broths make soups a breeze and their chicken products are perfect for iftars.


Whole Earth Meats sells organic and halal meat. As I’ve stated before I am a HUGE proponent of free range, organic meats.  It’s virtually impossible to find meat that falls into both categories! If you’re looking for chicken, beef, lamb, bison, or turkey they are a great resource.

If you’re looking for meal ideas, be sure to visit my Pinterest boards (click the image) where I have lots of ideas!



Here are some of my favorite resources for spiritual fulfillment throughout the year and especially during Ramadan.

Productive Muslim is a fantastic resource! Whenever I am feeling discouraged or overwhelmed with life and work responsibilities while    fasting I stop by and read an article or two to help me refocus.


One Legacy Radio offers online streamed content. This radio station is operated by American Muslims, all of the shows are really relevant to life in the US and the hosts speak English as either a first language or really well.  I don’t say this to criticize those shows that don’t fit into these categories but it is difficult to find this type of programming!



CelebrateMercy, a non-profit organization, aims to instill a deeper understanding of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islam, among Muslims and friends of other faiths. It also aims to dispel many stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam. There is a 2 hour webcast showcasing prominent scholars and performers.

30 Days 30 Mosques – I love the concept of this project.  Two friends set out to visit 30 different mosques over the 30 days of Ramadan.  All of their visits from last year are on the website and it’s really interesting to read through the diversity of the American Muslim community.  While I don’t believe they are making a trek again this year, I’m sure they have other things in store!

Tahraweh Online with English Subtitles – Can’t attend tahraweh prayers? This online version will help you participate when you can’t get to the masjid.

The Sublime Quran This is my favorite English translation of the Qu’ran.  I love it because the English makes sense – it’s not just translated word for word.

These are some of my favorite resources.  If you have others that I haven’t mentioned please share them in the comments!

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