When I was at the market a few weeks ago I began comparing food prices. Food in Morocco is of course much less expensive than in the US. I was a pretty budget shopper, while still going for as much high quality food as possible. Here food is priced how it should be everywhere. Fresh things are the least expensive. Processed foods more expensive. So we eat a lot of fresh food! Traveling in Europe has shown me the range of food prices. So for a fun project I thought why not ask other global families what they’re eating and how much it costs.


Germany Food


My first contributor is Annabelle of the Piri-Piri Lexicon.  They are a global family currently living in Germany. I’ll let Annabelle tell you about their family:


We are a family of 3 (daughter is 4). We live in Germany but we are a truly European family as our daughter was born in the UK, my husband in Portugal and myself in France. We also love food and cooking is a big part of our family life. So we probably spend a little more than most on nice food. What we eat reflects our multicultural family too.


Here is what we ate on a typical day this week: 
Breakfast: toasts with butter or jam and juice or coffee
Snacks: daughter has to take a little snack to kindergarten during the week, usually a piece of fruit or cheese and a biscuit.
Lunch: daughter eats a hot meal provided by the kindergarten. Husband eats in his workplace’s cantine too. So I usually eat leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. On this day I had gratin dauphinois (potato baked in cream and milk with cheese), a French classic.
Goûter (tea time): daughter likes to have a little snack when she comes back from kindergarten. Here she had half a pretzel and a fruit pouch as we were heading out to the playground.


Dinner: The man cooks in our family and rarely with a recipe. Freestyle is his motto. On that day we had a mix between a curry and a couscous: chick pea In a tomato sauce with spicy chorizo and carrots served with semolina. Delicious!


I would say we spend anywhere between 5 and 20€ a day for all 3 of us depending on whether we have meat or fish at all.


Thank you so much Annabelle! 


I am hoping to get as many submissions as possible for different countries. If you would like to contribute, please fill out this form and I will be in touch with further details.