I’ve just returned from a week in northern Spain with one of my best friends from childhood. Suffice to say we saw quite a bit of the country, ate some delicious food, and enjoyed catching up on many years of life that we have lived away from each other.  One thing we couldn’t escape was the World Cup. Spaniards love football, a lesson I learned in Lisbon during the Champions League Final last month. Opening ceremonies for the games start tomorrow and I know my oldest son will be glued to the TV throughout the tournament. For the entire tournament I’m partnering with my friends at Multicultural Kid Blogs in a series to teach others (and especially kids!) about geography and global cooperation.


world cup fever in spain

Each time Spain plays during the tournament I’ll be sharing a post about the country.  You can follow along with the other bloggers as they share about their respective countries on the MKB blog. Their first match is on Friday against the Netherlands with the other two scheduled match on June 18th and 23rd. I chose Spain because it’s close to Morocco and my son is a huge fan of FC Barcelona. To get started here are some interesting facts.

10 Facts about Spain and futbol

1. Spain is the defending World Cup Champion having won in 2010 during the South Africa World Cup.

2. There are 4 professional soccer leagues in Spain with games running from September to May. The Spanish League is one of the most competitive in Europe.

3. Spain has many sports newspapers devoted almost exclusively to football, where player’s public and private lives are analyzed. Marca is one example.

4. Gambling on football games is legal and organized through a system called quiniela.

5. The first Spanish football association was formed in 1909 and known as the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

6. Spain is credited with introducing the style of Tika Taka to the football world. This is a style of quick passing and tight control of the ball.

 7. Spain holds the world record of remaining unbeaten for the most number of consecutive international matches.

8. The unofficial nickname for the Spanish national team is La Furia Roja (the red fury).

9. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are arguably the two most famous teams in the country with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Many of the players for these teams suit up for the Spanish national team or other nations during the World Cup.

10. In this year’s competition Spain is the 2nd ranked team based on number of goals scored in international matches, just 2 fewer goals than Germany the #1 team. 

Spain Soccer
At the Champions League Final – my son’s favorite player, Messi, who will be playing on the Argentinian squad.

There it is! 10 Facts about Spain and futbol.  Be sure to come back throughout the World Cup as I share more about Spain and  my experiences in this beautiful country. 

Additional News and Info:

There’s a great resource pack available on the Multicultural Kid Blogs website to get your little ones excited for the event and learning!  

World Soccer Cup Activity Pack (PK-Grade 4)

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