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The Carry-On Crete

The Carry-on: Crete

  When I sat down to think about which destination we’d whisk off to this week the news was running non-stop about the economic situation in Greece. My heart breaks for the Greek people who are struggling not only with a very difficult time in their own lives but now the loss of livelihood due to tourists who are afraid to visit. Greece isn’t alone, Tunisia is facing an even greater hurdle claiming tourism is down by almost 90%. In Morocco we’re not immune either. We had closed our food tours for the month due to Ramadan and now I…

4 Historic Philadelphia Hotels to help you go back in time

4 Historic Philadelphia Hotels to Take You Back in Time

Philadelphia has a special place in American history and with the Fourth of July around the corner what better time than now to celebrate this tradition. The city is the birthplace of the Constitution and served as the temporary capital while Washington, DC, was set up to become the permanent capital of the country. There are few other cities in the country that have buildings and landmarks as old as Philadelphia. Today, many of the buildings have been repurposed. When you visit Philadelphia you can spend your nights in one of these great historic hotels. Penn’s View Hotel Penn’s View…

24 Hours in Galveston

24 Hours in Galveston, Texas

Whether you’re in Galveston before setting sail on a cruise or for an island vacation, you’re probably wondering what to do while you’re in this south Texas city. Your first step will be to book an affordable Galveston hotel, and you’re in luck, because there are plenty. To get around, you can either rent a car and drive yourself or use Galveston’s public bus system, which is reliable and convenient. However, having your own vehicle is ideal because it allows you to explore more off-the-beaten-path places. Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to explore! Morning Wake up to an early…

the carry-on

The Carry-On: Ireland

  The Carry-On: A Girl’s Getaway Guide to Ireland  Get ready for a new regular feature on the site! On a recent flight when I was returning from Ireland I was thinking about how my travel style has evolved. I can pack a suitcase in under 30 minutes and am ready to go no matter the destination. I know the things I love and want to have while I’m on the road. I also am almost always using just a carry-on bag for my travels. If the thought of traveling for a week and living out of a tiny bag makes…

Why visit Iran cover image

How to Convince the World It’s OK to Travel to Iran

I am so, so excited to share this post today because Iran is the #1 destination I am dying to visit. The truth is even a year ago I wasn’t really sure if it was even possible for me, an American, to visit. Around the same time as I pushed Iran off my travel list, I started to wonder if there were any Muslim women travelers (either solo or with partners) in the blogging world. If there were, I hardly ever saw them. Then, when I posted my first picture from Lisbon, Matin popped up in my Instagram feed. She…

Take a Taco Tour in San Diego

Nearly every city in the world has some type of food that it has made famous. San Diego certainly didn’t invent the taco, but thanks to its southerly neighbor, Mexico, tacos have made it big in this city. But, not just any taco. San Diego is particularly known for fish tacos. In fact, it’s so well known for these tasty, hand-held bits of goodness that there are food tours operated in the city that are centered on tacos! So, pack your swimsuit, book a San Diego hotel, and make sure you’ve got plenty of space to chow down!

10 Great Ways to Enjoy Atlanta this Summer

It’s not officially summer yet, but the season is right around the corner. School is finished for many, and it’s time to start preparing for summer vacation! If you are heading to the southern U.S., Atlanta is a great destination to consider. Atlanta is increasingly on the tourist radar, and thanks to its extremely popular southern neighbor Florida, there are some hot Atlanta hotels and attractions waiting to be discovered. Chances are you’ll also save money visiting Atlanta instead of Orlando. Here’s how to enjoy Atlanta inside and outside.

How to travel like a local wherever you are

How to Travel Like a Local Wherever You Go

When you travel do you; wander local markets or grocery stores to find dinner? enjoy picking up a local paper to see what events are happening? visit a park or beach to relax? do more than just run around in a few days to see everything? participate instead of pay a visit? If you said yes to any (or all) of these than you like to travel like a local! More and more travelers, especially millennial travelers (those born between 1983- mid 1990’s) actively seek and want to have a local travel experience. Travel has become less about checking things…