Shaklee 180 6 Months

 There’s a TV commercial I find myself tearing up over on a regular basis. Most people probably zone out when they’re watching.  Maybe you’ve seen it. It’s a heavier girl talking to her lighter self.  She says, “You look beautiful, we look beautiful, and we feel really good.  Seeing myself this way, now I see it’s possible.  I never thought I could look like that.” I can’t say enough about how much I feel myself in that girl.  I can feel the pain of the heavier girl, the complete disbelief that life could be different. I can see myself in the lighter girl (kind of..I’m still working on this) encouraging her past self and reinforcing that she did it!

A lot of people have called me stubborn; once I’ve made up my mind about doing something, I’ve always been really dedicated to accomplishing that goal. I wouldn’t let anything stand in my way of achieving something I really wanted. However, my weight was never something that I felt the same motivation to fix. It just didn’t seem to matter. It was too hard.  This was coming from the girl who finished college in 3 years, after giving birth in the 2nd semester, as a single mom.  Who got a master’s degree while working full-time with a husband and two kids. The same person who navigated immigration to be reunited with her non-English speaking fiance and then made a cross-cultural marriage work despite the odds. But losing weight and taking care of myself? Nah, that was too hard.

I’ve used food as a tool my entire life.  It was there to comfort me and there to pick me up.  I relied on the sweet taste of chocolate chips to brighten my sour days.  When I was alone, I could always make a big bowl of pasta to keep me company. If there was a hurdle to celebrate overcoming, a night out at a tasty restaurant was in order. Having a gastric sleeve has taught me I can enjoy the things I love in moderation. There was a time, when I decided if I couldn’t have ALL I wanted then I didn’t want any of it. I worked past that. These last six months I have been using Shaklee products and they have helped me curve some of my cravings.  Instead of reaching for a sugar-filled sweets, I opt instead for a snack bar.  When I need to eat first thing in the morning, or before a workout the chocolate chip peanut butter meal bars have been my saving grace.  The biggest issue post-surgery is eating enough protein and having shakes and bars that help me meet these goals make life a little bit easier.

When I started the program I didn’t really have any goals – though my pre-surgery goal was to reach 150 pounds. I hoped that being a part of this program would give me some support through the plateau stage of surgery and give me some quick and easy options for getting in food and calories. I was afraid that the other bloggers would feel put off by the fact that I already had an added tool, having had surgery, but I have to work just as hard as everyone else. In some ways it’s even harder.  Not only do I have to make good food choices and exercise, I also have to make sure I am eating enough protein, taking supplements, and getting enough calories every day. What I have come to realize is that we all have hurdles in our lives that make weight loss (or anything for that matter) more difficult at any given time. How we choose to deal with those hurdle is what makes the difference. The best outcome of participating? I have had SO many people leave me messages of encouragement and share their own stories with me. I was blown away by the response. Before being chosen for this program, I wasn’t even planning to blog about my weight loss! I’m really glad I decided to share because it has helped me “come out” with my new reality.

How Much Have I Lost While Using Shaklee?

  • I’ve lost 20 pounds
  • 3/4″ from each arm
  • 1″ from my bust
  • 2″ from my waist
  • 4.5″ from my hips
  • 1″ from each thigh
  • 1.5″ from each calf

I have lost 75 pounds and 30 inches overall after having gastric sleeve surgery 11 months ago. The numbers are great but here’s what I really love;

1. I escaped (alone) one night to go shopping for a few new things.  I walked past a mirror and caught a reflection out of the corner of my eye, and was surprised it was actually me.

2. Wearing a size medium shirt. I don’t remember ever doing this in my adult life.

3. Wearing cute clothes and not having a muffin-top in jeans, well most of the time.

4. Hip bones.  It’s weird I know, but if you’ve never been able to really feel your hip bones then it’s kind of uncharted territory.

5. Wearing a belt not for fashion but to legitimately help hold your pants in place.

6. Compliments. They’re nice.  Just admit it.

7. Running around with my kids, taking a walk, or climbing stairs without breathing heavy or having to stop because I physically can’t do it.

8. Having a normal BMI for the first time – ever.

You can find all of my transformation posts from the last six months here. If you’d like to give this program a try yourself the Shaklee website has great information and resources to get you started.

I’ve reached my goal weight but hope to post time to time about maintaining my weight and other challenges I face. There also will be one more video post this month.  Do you have specific questions you’d like answered?  

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program. I have received free products, online support, and incentives for participating. My opinions are my own. People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.