Growing up we didn’t eat much seafood – I’ll attribute that to living at least a thousand miles from any salt water. As I began to travel more and become more adventurous with food I tried crab legs and fell in love.  I even pulled my husband onto the same crab loving boat with me.  Living on the East Coast, just a short drive from the Chesapeake Bay we were able to buy crab extremely cheap.  It no longer was a luxury but became common in our diets.  When we went to Morocco last fall and visited the fishing town of Essaouira crab was the only thing on my mind. But, crab isn’t that popular in Morocco.  Most people just aren’t into it (crazy!).  We asked around for a while before we could find someone who was selling them.  The price we got for four was way better than what we would have to pay back home.  (under $5 for all of them!)

Moroccan Crab

As I poured over Emerils’ “Kicked Up Sandwiches” I bookmarked the Crab Louie for a lunchtime meal. Yesterday as I sat half-starving in my office I remembered the sandwich and ran upstairs to see if I had everything, and surprisingly I did.  Emeril pairs this sandwich with hard boiled egg, avocado, tomato and lettuce, some I had and some I didn’t. Most importantly is the lump crab meat of which I didn’t have any fresh but did have a tin of.  Worked like a charm. I cut down the recipe listed and opted to go easy on the hot sauce (though MarocBaba added it back and said it was “much better” that way). In less than 10 minutes I had this delicious lunch.

Included in the cookbook are recipes to make homemade mayo and the rolls this sandwich is paired with, but in a pinch I used store bought of both. Horseradish, fresh herbs, and the hot sauce are some of the key ingredients when mixing this together and I can honestly say the flavors stood out and made this dish.  I had never made anything other than crab cakes with crab meat but this sandwich is going to be on my menu for a long time!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post however I did receive the Kicked-Up Sandwiches Cookbook for free in order to participate.  I will not be sharing the complete recipe for each sandwich as this compromises the integrity and intellectual property of the cookbook author.  If you would like the complete recipe for this sandwich, cookbooks can be pre-ordered from the publisher.