I was a child of the 90’s.  My childhood memories are riddled with Disney animation (before computer animation), boy bands and neon colors. It’s the Disney movies I remember the best. It was completely acceptable for my 10 or 12 year old self to watch an animated movie. One of my favorites was Aladdin. Recently I watched this with my kids and as an adult I was slightly offended.  It’s a little (ok a lot) stereotypical and maybe even a bit Orientalist. According to my mom, it was perfectly acceptable at the time.  My favorite scene was, and still is when Abu is jumping around the Cave of Wonders. Shining object everywhere, piles of gold and jewels, bright colors.

Bead Shop Marrakech

When I was walking through the medina of Marrakech a small shop tucked away caught my eye.  I turned and entered the narrow shop.  Bright colors, glistening off of string after string of beads.  The floor was piled with trinkets and save for a narrow walkway there was no where to step. It was like the dreamworld of Aladdin’s Cave, but sadly with cheap beads and trinkets.

If even for a few moments, I was brought back to that childhood innocence as I pulled through the beads and imagined what it might be like were they strings of jewels.