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Guest Post: Flourishing My Family with Organic Eating

Today’s guest post comes from Sally at Eat Breathe Blog. (You can also find her on Twitter @eatbreatheblog) Sally is a loving mother and wife. She loves blogging about her various hobbies including running, health, wellness, fashion and some other various subjects. She’s an elementary school teacher in a Chicago suburb. She loves spending time […]

Food CAN change your life!

Today my husband and I brought some Moroccan food to my sons’ 1st grade classroom.  They are studying countries of the world, and what better way to teach than through food?  I made a chicken and potato tajine and m’semmen.  These were two items that I thought would be very simple dishes without a lot […]

Switching to a Whole Foods Lifestyle: Part 3

Shopping Post 3 of 5 As someone who loves to cook and also has to be cost effective, one of the greatest keys in my arsenal is having a well stocked pantry.  I am always looking for a great deal and when I find one I make sure to stock up.  If you really decide […]

Switching to a Whole Foods Lifestyle: Part 2

What is the difference? Post 2  of 5 You’ve probably heard the term whole food, clean food, or slow food mentioned before on TV or in magazines, you’ve even heard about it here but maybe you’re not really sure what those terms mean and what all the fuss is about.  This post should help take away some […]

Switching to a Whole Food Lifestyle: Part 1

Why our Family Made the ChangePart 1 of 5  I have decided to write a series of posts about why our family moved to a whole food/slow food/clean food lifestyle in hopes that our experience might be helpful to other individuals and families considering making the same change.  If you’ve been a reader of my blog […]