Puff my Pastry! Why I love appetizers

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Particularly appetizers that involve creamy mozzerella cheese and buttery puff pastry.  Not that I discriminate but these are good.  They’re fast and easy and you’ll be popping one after another …

Amanda MouttakiPuff my Pastry! Why I love appetizers

Eid al-Adha Celebration

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Please forgive my absence the last week or so.  My day job has had be putting in many many hours at the office and at home we’ve been eating dinners …

Amanda MouttakiEid al-Adha Celebration

Arabic Style Rice Pilaf

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I’ve always wanted to give this style of rice a shot.  I’ve found that my family is more receptive lately to the idea of rice and other starches in place …

Amanda MouttakiArabic Style Rice Pilaf

Fall Couscous and Roasted Vegetables

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Last week in my grocery shopping I came across the bin of fall vegetables.  This might not be a phenomenon where you are but it is definetely common here in …

Amanda MouttakiFall Couscous and Roasted Vegetables

Light and Easy Kefta Meatballs

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I usually prepare a big iftar meal for my husband during Ramadan.  We would eat plenty of haraira, briouats and other tasty traditional Moroccan dishes.  This year I’m alone and …

Amanda MouttakiLight and Easy Kefta Meatballs