Creating an Emergency Travel First Aid Kit

Emergency Kit for Handling Sickness on the Road

I can’t believe that it took me until this year to finally create a portable, comprehensive first aid/illness kit. We’ve been on the road a lot and usually that means I inevitably forget something. Having a bag full of “just in case” medications takes up a lot of space and wasn’t working for me. So […]

16 Technology-Free Activities to Keep Traveling Kids Busy

16 Technology Free Activities to Keep Traveling Kids Busy

When we visited the Sahara Desert in February I knew that my kids technology devices (Kindle, Nintendo DS, and my iPhone) were not going to hold their charge the entire trip. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit my youngest son is addicted to technology. It’s something we’re trying to work on and it’s hard! The kids […]

The Finnish Food Revival

The Finnish Food Revival

I didn’t have high hopes for Finnish food. Frankly, what I remembered about it growing up was that there was fish, and fish, and potatoes, and dill. That’s about it. I don’t like dill, I’m 50/50 on fish, and potatoes well I guess you can’t really go wrong there. When it was time to sign […]

22 Hours in Madrid

22 Hours in Madrid

It wasn’t long ago that I shared about some health problems I was having.  Don’t worry, I’ve been in the US for a week now have had my gallbladder removed, and am feeling much better! My trip back to the States was quite an adventure.  There are very few flights from Marrakech to the US […]

Eating in Essaouira

Eating with Kids in Essaouira

The laid back, windy city of Essaouira is a family favorite. We love the coastal location and short distance from Marrakech. But, maybe most importantly we love the food! In big cities we’ve found great food, at higher prices but in Essaouira we consistently have found excellent food at low prices. Whether you’re dining alone […]

What Traveling with Kids for 10 Years Has Taught Me

Traveling with Kids 10 Years

Ten weeks after my oldest son was born, I planned a trip to Lower Michigan, 10 hours away (are you seeing a theme here?), with my best friend. I will concede I was young and perhaps today I might have thought twice (maybe not), but my son was perfectly healthy, I had recovered completely and […]