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Honolulu Hotels for Foodies
When thinking of booking a trip to Hawaii the last thing you want to do is spend your days running around looking for the best things to eat. It’s much better if the best food can come right to you. Instead of planning your vacation around what to eat... Read more
Vienna Food Tours for the Hungry Traveler
Travel plans have you headed to the Austrian capital of Vienna? You know how much we love food tours so I’m rounding up some of the offerings in this great city to fill your stomach with delicious food and your head with plenty of Viennese food history. Read more
Rome: Where History Comes Alive
In some cities you have to seek out historical sites. Maybe there is a restored home or an important battlefield nearby. But in Rome there is history everywhere you look. Not only is it everywhere, but Romans are also proud to share the history of their hometown.   You... Read more
Ideas for Day Trips from Providenciales
You’ve booked a stay at one of the amazing hotels in Providenciales (after checking out my post on family friendly hotels, of course) and have started to make a list of things to do in the area but are you tempted to also book a day excursion away from the... Read more
The Windy City is a favorite weekend destination. So many people overlook Chicago as a city worthy of a visit, instead opting for coastal giants New York or Los Angeles. But this big city tucked in the middle of “fly over” country has great food, great culture, and great... Read more
Why You Should Visit an Islamic Country in 2015
For many people the thought of visiting an Islamic country is met with fear and apprehension. If you’ve never been before you might be unsure how to dress or act. You may be fearful based on news reports. It can seem overwhelming and intimidating. But, one of the best... Read more
The BEST Cooking Classes in the World
Two weeks ago I shared some of the best food tours in the world (and I love food tours!). Today we’ll get more hands on and talk about cooking classes. If you have more time and really love food than taking a cooking class is an excellent way to... Read more
Exploring the Islamic History of Chania, Crete
I always knew that Arab traders made there way throughout the Mediterranean and I knew that Greece was ruled by the Ottoman Turks for quite some time, but I always wondered what that time was like. What foot print did it leave? In places like Cyprus there’s a deep... Read more