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Is Morocco Safe

Is Morocco Safe to Visit?

Everyday I get many emails from readers. Sometimes they just want to contact me privately, and not leave a public comment. Sometimes they want extra tips on a recipe I’ve shared. But one of the top questions I get, almost on a daily basis is, “is Morocco safe?” There are so many layers and levels to this question. When I posed it I immediately thought of general safety and the threat of a terror attack.…


Discovering Paris

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Where to stay in Cancun Mexico so You Don't Feel Like  a Tourist

Cancun Hotels Where You Won’t Feel Like a Tourist

Cancun is the destination of choice for many Americans visiting Mexico. The city caters so much to tourists that there is an aptly named “Tourist Zone” chock full of hotels and safe options for visitors. But what if the idea of being stuck in this din of faux Mexico sounds more stomach-churning than delightful? It is possible to find great places to stay that are not in the tourist zone. You’ll have a more authentic…

24 Hours in Miami

24 Hours in Miami

When we set sail for our Caribbean cruise last year, we departed from Miami. I had never been there but already knew the beach and party scene wasn’t for us. Whenever I cruise, I always arrive the day before and leave the day after the ship departs. With airline delays, weather, and any number of other things that can go wrong, the last thing I want to do is miss the boat. I booked a…

Safi Morocco Potter at Work

Safi: The Pottery Capital of Morocco

Chances are if you have a piece of pottery from Morocco it’s signed “Safi” on the back. Safi is not a person’s name, it’s the name of a coastal city where the bulk of Morocco’s pottery is made. In fact this is one of the only things Safi is known for, but what a reputation to have! When my mom was visiting we decided to go to Safi and see the process. From Marrakech it…

Ron Gastro

5 Hotels in Amsterdam for Foodies

Why go out to eat when you can stay in a great hotel, in a great city, and eat amazing food? When I really want to treat myself I choose hotels that are known for their excellent restaurants. The good news? Amsterdam has plenty! Ciel Bleu at Okura Okura has not one, not even two, but four resturants on site that have been awarded by Michelin, the oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide. Ciel Blue was…


Honolulu Hotels for Foodies

When thinking of booking a trip to Hawaii the last thing you want to do is spend your days running around looking for the best things to eat. It’s much better if the best food can come right to you. Instead of planning your vacation around what to eat (because let’s face it that’s what I do!) plan to stay where the best is already. These Honolulu hotels feature great dining options as well as…

Grand Turk Day Trip

Ideas for Day Trips from Providenciales

You’ve booked a stay at one of the amazing hotels in Providenciales (after checking out my post on family friendly hotels, of course) and have started to make a list of things to do in the area but are you tempted to also book a day excursion away from the main island? While there is plenty to keep you occupied here, sometimes you just want to experience something different. If that’s the case, here are some…