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So you want to learn how to cook…

I’ve decided to host a live cooking event on MarocMama.  I’ve scheduled it for September 13th at 8pm Central.  If you’d like to attend please make sure to RSVP on Facebook.  To participate is simple.  Did you see the new toolbar at the bottom of the page?  Well there’s a chat option there.  Just click […]

Travel Tuesday: Gearing Up!

I have finally gotten around to sharing the latest chaos in our lives.  My husband and kids have left me.    Well not for good but for a vacation in Morocco!  It’s safe to say that our oldest was very excited for the trip.  He was able to grasp the concept of where he was going […]

Travel Tuesday: Chicago Pizza

So…………… this is not my creation.  And odds are pretty good I never will make one of these but it was a very tasty pizza.   My husband and I were in Chicago this past weekend for a long vacation and to attend the ISNA convention.  I had very few things I wanted out of […]

Travel Tuesday: Marrakech Must-do

If you have been reading for awhile you know that my in-laws make their home in Marrakech.  It’s my husbands’ birth city and where I have spent the majority of my time in Morocco.  And, I love it dearly.  Today I will tell you why.                  Horse drawn carriages? […]

Travel Tuesday: Henna

If anyone follows Twitter Tuesday’s popular hashtag is #traveltuesday.  I decided to incorporate this into my posting schedule and dedicate Tuesday’s to all about Morocco day.  I’m going to start the ball rolling today with a post about henna.  From my first visit having henna done was something that I began to associate with Morocco. […]