Zaalook Tutorial


I’ve blogged my recipe for zaalook at least once but with limited pictures.  This isn’t a new recipe but it will give a little more insight into what the recipe looks like as it comes together.  Original Recipe. Add a little bit of water  

Eid al-Adha Celebration

Please forgive my absence the last week or so.  My day job has had be putting in many many hours at the office and at home we’ve been eating dinners that I’ve made ahead of time and frozen.  (Thank goodness for that!).  Things should be settled down now, and I am so grateful.  Mixed into […]

An Almost Traditional Moroccan Salad Platter

I recently was having a conversation with a friend of mine about Moroccan salads.  In the American sense a lot of dishes labeled salads in Morocco are more similar to our concept of side dishes.  However in Morocco the salad course is one unto itself, served before the main dish.  In a multi-course meal they […]

Welcoming Fall with Crumb Soup

Tonight marks the beginning of fall, even though the last few weeks in the Midwest have felt very fall-like.  I packed away most of our summer clothes in the beginning of September and my kids don’t leave the house without a sweatshirt in the morning.  Even though the temperatures are dipping, I am happy to […]

Grilled Peppers

One of my favorite Moroccan salads is Taktouka, a very simple but flavorful salad.  The key to making it is charring the outside of bell peppers so that the skins can be removed.  In the summer placing them on a charcoal grill that is just smoldering is the perfect way to char them extremely well.  […]

A green thumb?

I’m not a farmer/gardener/dirt person.  I’m really not.  I love fresh produce, I love farmers and I do love dirt but not on my hands.  This was the first year we lived somewhere that it was possible for me to have a little container garden and I thought why not?  How hard can it be….Well…..There […]