Leftover Remix: Soup Frijol con Carne #SundaySupper

Frijol con Carne with Condiments

I often have leftover rice but the main dish has been eaten up.  I don’t think rice reheats very well but I have remade it into fried rice.  As I was getting ready for this week’s Sunday Supper I came across another use.  I’m making Frijol con Carne in honor of our upcoming vacation to […]

Chicken Salad with Harissa Dressing and Date, Tamarind, Walnut Briouats

Chicken Salad and Harissa Dressing

The first few days of Ramadan I am always excited to prepare meals that we rarely have during the rest of the year.  However by the end of the first week I start to notice bits and pieces of leftovers in my fridge and my enthusiasm begins to wane. Some of my favorite dinners are […]

When I’m Dining Alone – An Easy Weeknight Meal

Bertolli Soup

I love soup and it’s only been recently that I have been able to convince everyone else in my house to love it as much as I do.  That being said they have their favorites and tend to stick to them. Recently I had the opportunity to try out Bertolli’s Meal Soup for Two.

A Vegetarian Eid al Adha with Saffron Road Food

eid soup

Eid al Adha is right around the corner (Sunday) and is perhaps most well known as the “sheep holiday”.  Muslim families purchase a live ram and on the morning of Eid sacrifice the animal.  This is done as a remembrance of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son on God’s command.  At the last minute God […]

Bring on the Vegetables!

veggie dinner 2

A revelation I had during this trip to Morocco was that our diet has clearly changed.  While we were once eating meat at every meal we have really relaxed a lot on the quantity and types of meat eaten.  If we do eat meat it’s most likely chicken or turkey.  You might find red meat […]

FFWD: Bacon, Egg and Asparagus Salad

egg and asparagus salad

It’s been a few weeks since I have participated in French Friday’s with Dorie, but some of the more recent recipes have really appealed to me.  I don’t plan to participate every week because it’s just too hard with my schedule but I will continue to participate as I can.  So, this weeks’ recipe is […]