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A favorite outing for MarocBaba and I when in Morocco has always being going for pizza.  Believe it or not Moroccan pizza is really very good.  My first choice is always the pepperoni (because it’s halal) or the margherita dotted with Moroccan black olives.  MarocBaba however prefers his pizza... Read more
Whew!!  This was one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a long time.  Generally I only work part-time at my day job however we had a big fundraising event this week (of which I am in charge) and frankly I barely had time to sleep and eat.  I... Read more
Today I have a new recipe for you along with meal ideas for tomorrow.  I’ve done a lot of prep work ahead of Ramadan as I had a kid-less weekend (makes cooking in large quantities much easier), as well as the help of a good friend!  I like to... Read more
Oven Baked Fish with Charmoula
  So how hot is it by you?  It’s scorching here – the heat index soared above 100F today and sweat beads were dripping off my face anytime I set foot outside.  It’s safe to say I’m not cooking in the house.  Why you might ask…we don’t have central... Read more
Tajine of Tuna and Shrimp
After my successful attempt at using my charcoal grill to cook a tajine I’ve played around with a few more recipes.  I’m not a huge fish lover but we had purchased a very nice cut of tuna at the market and had some shrimp in the freezer when I... Read more
When I was looking for a fast dinner the other night I came across a box of Rice a Roni Spanish rice in the cupboard and thought it would be a good start to a quick paella-esque dish.  I didn’t know it until recently that paella is made in... Read more
Seafood Briouats

Seafood Briouats

Moroccan Food August 25, 2009 0

I am not a seafood fan, at least I wasn’t a seafood fan. I have a very good friend who is from Casablanca and last year for Ramadan she made briouats with shrimp and fish. I turned up my nose at first but after eating one I was hooked.... Read more