Moroccan Fried Fish Dinner

Moroccan Fried Fish

A rite of passage when growing up in Wisconsin is attending the fish fry.  Traditionally these were held Friday nights during Lent. But, just about any supper club or family style restaurant has a Friday fish fry.  Dressing up and going out to dinner with grandparents Friday night was a BIG deal!  Interestingly enough Moroccans […]

Corn Couscous with Spicy Shrimp and Peas

Corn Couscous and Shrimp

I first heard about corn grit couscous from Paula Wolfert (trust me she’s my catalyst to so many uncovered corners of Moroccan cooking).  I was apprehensive.  I was puzzled. I really didn’t think it would be good – at all. The image I have of grits is a gooey sticky mess with some butter and […]

Red Snapper in Saffron Broth

Red Snapper and Saffron Tajine

Last week  I came across red snapper at our grocery store.  This must have been some weird fluke because generally it doesn’t show up here – ever.  Of course I bought some.  I knew that I wanted to do a review of Mourad Lahlou’s new cookbook this week and found the recipe for Black Cod in […]

Grilling Lunch in Essaouira

Moroccan Crab

The first time I went to Essaouira I had only been in the physical presence of my then-fiance 5 days.  It was on my second trip to Morocco (the first having been when we met).  It was in March and I was on spring break from college.  I remember the weather being cold as the […]

The Infamous Shrimp Pizza

cooked shrimp pizza

A favorite outing for MarocBaba and I when in Morocco has always being going for pizza.  Believe it or not Moroccan pizza is really very good.  My first choice is always the pepperoni (because it’s halal) or the margherita dotted with Moroccan black olives.  MarocBaba however prefers his pizza to include seafood…like shrimp or anchovies. […]

Citrus Grilled Salmon

Citrus Grilled Salmon

Whew!!  This was one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a long time.  Generally I only work part-time at my day job however we had a big fundraising event this week (of which I am in charge) and frankly I barely had time to sleep and eat.  I believe I punched about 50 hours […]