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Holiday Photo Gifts for Grandma
Today I hit a milestone on my iPhone, 1000 images. That’s a lot of pictures! I’ve been relying on my phone to snap day to day images, instead of carrying around my large DSLR. I’m able to take pictures more often and much more naturally than with the large... Read more
I am completely addicted to social media and not afraid to admit it.  I’ve made great friends and I’ve won really awesome things.  One of the awesome things won recently is New American Table by Marcus Samuelsson.  I follow him on Facebook and Twitter because this chef seriously works... Read more
The Food of Morocco: A Review
  Last week was a busy week for me at work.  Thursday evening I came home very late after an event and guess what was waiting for me on the dining room table.  If you guessed a copy of Paula Wolfert’s new book The Food of Morocco, you’re right.... Read more