New Year, New Project

I haven’t been around too much this week because I am catching up on the full-time job and have been spending my extra time putting together a little project I like to call the “Daddy book”.  I handle most domestic duties in our household, although my husband does pitch in.  When it comes to food, […]

Bslama 2009, Marhaban 2010!

Well New Year’s Eve is upon us.  Not only is it the gateway to the new year but it is also our little guy’s birthday!  He just happens to be turning a very busy 3 years old today!  This is also the day when my husband and I met – 5 years ago today.   […]

Happy Holidays!

These past few weeks have been busy around here!   First I had to finish up my finals and I  started a new job at the same time.  Luckily I made it through both without any scrapes or bruises!  My sister came in from Seattle early this week (which also was a great reason for […]

Thoughts on Community

    By this I don’t mean the small little square of the world that we live in but the bigger greater community outside our doors (and our countries for that matter.)  I have for a long time dreamed of giving back to the world.  When I was in high school I traveled to Appalachia and […]

Black Friday….YES!

I am a big shopper, and I love getting a good deal! A few years ago my mom, grandma and I went shopping on Black Friday for the first time and we had such a good time! When I was in VA I went one year with a friend but missed out the other year. […]

Real quick

We’re moving! Yes we have finally found a nice townhouse and are busy transferring 1/2 our things from a storage shed and the other half from my mom’s house (the things that we’re using) into the house. I’m trying to wrap up a project and my school midterms right now too so I won’t be […]