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The Farm and Life Lessons

I’m going to post a sort of random and not really food (directly) related post.  A few weeks ago, just as the snow had melted and the ground was dried up we took the kids go a local farm.  During the spring they have “Lambing at the Farm” and anyone can go out and see […]

Giveaway: Argan Oil

So you want to try those yummy muffins I posted Monday?  But where will you get the argan?  Lucky for you I am going to be giving away a bottle to one lucky reader!  Argan oil is native to Morocco and it’s the only place in the whole world that you can get the oil […]

Meal Planning 101

     One of the most important areas of my life as a working mom is meal planning.  I don’t write this to exclude those who don’t have children, nor those who work in the home – because meal planning can be just as useful and vital to them!  Be forewarned setting up a good […]

A Train and a Tale of Olives

     In 2008 my husband and I went back to Morocco, the first time since we had been married with our then 1 year old son.  I had desperately missed Morocco and all of the things that I had grown to love and associated with that magical place.  We were able to have a […]

Measuring Cups

I generally don’t use any kind of measuring cup when cooking or baking, at least not in the conventional, American sense.  That’s why sometimes it is hard for me to figure out precise measurements to share with you.  I try to be close but a lot of times my judgements are just based on taste.  In […]

Just a few notes

I just wanted to use a post to update a few things.  I’ve added on the right side bar a weekly menu plan.  This is part of my attempt to use more and waste less while cutting down on our grocery bill.  Some of the recipes I’ve found similar things to what I will be […]