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Stylish Blogger Award


So fun!  I got a message that Allison at French Whisk and Teresa at One Wet Foot nominated me for a Stylish Blogger award!  Thank you so much ladies!  I’ve gotten to know their blogs from French Fridays with Dorie (along with tons of others!)  Seeing this little message was a little boost that I […]

Top Posts of 2010

I had a lot of fun going back and checking out what the top visited posts of this past year were.  It seemed like my Google Reader was full of other bloggers highlighting their top posts so why not jump on that bandwagon!  For some of my new readers it might be a good chance […]

Gifts for the Season

I’m stuck inside today, a blizzard is raging outside and so I’m planning on a full day of baking, cleaning and movie watching.  I’ve been meaning to put up some of my favorite resources and products if you’re searching for the perfect holiday gift for loved ones.  This year I’ve decided to give cookies to […]

Appliance 911

I don’t often post great deals or contests that I find however this one I think will appeal to a lot of my readers.  (Sorry to all my international guests – this one is only for US residents!)  So without further adieu….I adore Kitchen Aid, it’s true.  The best wedding present I got was my […]

Got a Question?

I occasionally get emails from readers who have specific questions about different aspects of Moroccan cooking and I am always more than happy to answer them.  However yesterday the thought of making those answers public as blog posts might be very helpful to other readers who have the same questions but haven’t asked.  Isn’t that […]

….in a time of need

I try to focus much of this blog towards recipes and Moroccan culture however I can’t let this issue pass by.  I’m sure that by this point many of you know the suffering that is occuring in Pakistan.  Seeing the images is so heart breaking and it’s hard to even comprehend the numbers.   In listening […]