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The One That Got Away

noodle bowl

Last week I shared a link to the Cool Noodle Bowl and then realized I left out the image!  I really love this recipe and especially love tossing in Saffron Road chicken nuggets for protein and texture.  I highly recommend you give this dish a shot this summer.  There are so many great vegetables in […]

Chicken Nuggets & A Thirty-One Giveaway

31 bag

Now that I have encouraged you to take a break from cooking by entering to win a great Saffron Road Foods entree (you still have 2 days left!)  I think it’s high time you had a chance at another reward.  We are avid lunch packers in my house.  I bring one to work everyday and MarocBaba and […]

Friendship is…


Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. ~ Khalil Gibran I wish you all could join me at my table.  But until then here’s some ideas to get you through tomorrow. Suhoor: I love this recipe from TLC because of how unique it is.  (PS who knew TLC had recipes?)  Mexican Omelet Roll-up with […]

Olive Summer Review & Meals for Monday

Two weeks ago  I shared several different olive recipes using Lindsay Olives.  I hope that you liked them as much as I did.  When I sat down to write this post I remembered something I had written a long time ago that I titled A Train and a Tale of Olives.  It’s hard to imagine […]

Visiting Some Old Favorites

On the weekends I usually take a little more time to prepare larger meals and favorite foods.  For me during the week it’s just too hard to keep up and I’m usually too tired for any major cooking after a day at work.  I try and circumvent a lot of this stress by cooking a […]

Summer Bounty


Todays’ meal plan is going to be short and sweet.  I have guests coming this weekend and a prep work to do for next week as well as a few new recipes to test out.  How are you doing?  How have you liked the food so far?  In the coming weeks I will be trying […]