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My First Time: Morocco

Today I am sharing a guest post from Farrah Ritter of the blog The Three Under and an American expat living in the Netherlands. Farrah and I met online and had the chance to meet in person last fall in Athens. She got in touch with me when she started planning a girl’s getaway to Morocco. Her visit and reflections encouraged me to start sharing the stories of people who have visited Islamic countries for the first time, and how that experience challenged what they had previously thought. Enjoy! Like many Americans, I grew up with opinions of Arabic cultures…

Ultimate List of Morocco Resources

The Ultimate List of Morocco Experiences

What if I told you that in one blog post you could find dozens of the best blog posts on the internet all related to visiting Morocco? You’ve found that place! I have searched high and low to find as many valuable blog posts about Morocco as possible and add them all here. Of course you can always search my archives to find posts about Morocco (and I’ve mixed them into this post as well) but it’s always good to have as many opinions as possible. I’m certain you’ll find plenty of what you’re looking for here – and if…


Guest Post: My First Hammam Experience

In an effort to showcase Islamic countries I wrote a post this year called Why You Should Visit an Islamic Country in 2015. I’ve asked several bloggers and friends to share their “firsts.” Whether it was their first time to a majority Muslim country or a meal they’ve cooked from a Muslim country, whatever resonated and spoke to them outside the mass media image of Islam. Today’s guest post comes from Diana Limongi Gabriele who writes at Ladydeelg. Enjoy! The first time I had a hammam experience was  when I was an English teacher in France. I spent two weeks…


Giving and Accepting Gifts and Compliments in Morocco

Today’s post is at the request of a reader who will be traveling to Morocco soon. The topic may seem straight forward to someone living in North America or Europe. If someone has a nice shirt you might say, “wow I really like your shirt!” to which they’ll typically respond, “thank you!” or some variation of this conversation. Certainly the frequency and context of  making and accepting compliments varies depending on country however it most often is simply an exchange of pleasantries. Not so in Morocco.

Safi Morocco Potter at Work

Safi: The Pottery Capital of Morocco

Chances are if you have a piece of pottery from Morocco it’s signed “Safi” on the back. Safi is not a person’s name, it’s the name of a coastal city where the bulk of Morocco’s pottery is made. In fact this is one of the only things Safi is known for, but what a reputation to have! When my mom was visiting we decided to go to Safi and see the process. From Marrakech it was a day trip and while the roads in some places were not so great it was well worth the trip.

Proverb Header

Moroccan Food and Life Proverbs

I’ve always been intrigued by the proverbs or sayings that different countries and languages have. Some simply don’t make sense in translation, while others can tell you a lot about that place. It makes sense the references that are used when you understand the culture, or even begin to understand where people are coming from. I have searched high and low for Moroccan proverbs. Some I’ve heard people use but I’ll admit they don’t make as much sense in translation. One definition of a proverb is, “a short pithy saying in common and recognised use; a concise sentence, often metaphorical…

Boats at Taghazout

Coastal Escape in Tagahzout, Morocco

Whenever I get the travel itch I automatically start to look for which destinations we can go with cheap airfare. Yes, this is one real benefit to living literally minutes from an airport that flies to a dozen or more destinations for incredibly cheap. But, we’ve been so busy with work lately that getting away for more than a few days is just impossible. Instead we have stayed closer to home, opting to visit places in Morocco we haven’t been. So last month, before the temperatures in Marrakech warmed up, we went south near Agadir and spent the weekend at Paradis…

What I Read: February

In December I shared one of my favorite books everyday and it turned out to be a big hit. Seems many people are as avid readers as I am! This year, I’ve promised myself to take more time to just read. February is the shortest month of the year but that didn’t slow me down. In the middle of the month we had to go to Rabat to get some paperwork sorted out for my carte sejour (residency card). This gave me nearly 10 hours on a train with no internet. Enough time to finish two books! I’ve noticed that…