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Living in Morocco: Income

living in morocco income

The number one comment/question people ask when they find out we’ve moved to Morocco is, “I/We would love to do that but I’m not sure how we can afford it/find job(s).” Of course, when considering moving this is a major stumbling block. A little while back I wrote a post about how people afford to […]

Schools Around the World: Morocco

Outside Moroccan School

Today’s post is written for inclusion in the Multicultural Blogging Carnival “Schools Around The World,” hosted by The Educators’ Spin On It. Next week stop by and find out about schools all over the world.  I’m focusing on schools in Morocco.  We’ve just begun education our children under this system so while I can’t offer a […]

Raising Global Kids: Cultural Norms and Discipline of Children

Raising Global Kids and Discipline

There’s an old addage “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” but one thing I’m learning is sometimes “doing as the Romans.” really isn’t the best idea – especially when it compromises your values. We live in an upstairs apartment in my mother-in-laws home and there are always a lot of people around. One […]

{Guest Post} Memories and A Moroccan Dinner

Today’s guest post comes from Julie of Open Wide the World.  I met Julie through an online group I’m a part of for multicultural bloggers.  Her blog is currently on hiatus but there’s so many great resources and stories to discover! You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest.  I hope you’ll enjoy this […]

{Guest Post} Natalia of Culture Baby


I first “met” Natalia of Culture Baby when she asked me for reflections on celebrating Ramadan with kids, particularly in a non-Muslim country.  (You can find the post here) When I began planning to have guests posts while we get settled in Morocco, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind sharing her reflections on living […]

Update: Our Move to Marrakech


It has been so great to have many blogging friends offer guest posts for me during the last 10+ days (and there’s more coming this week!) It has given me time to spend settling into our new home, unpacking, and buying things to set up our new home. MarocBaba and I joked with his sisters […]