Helping Morocco’s Orphans: SOS Children’s Villages

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Some time ago I wrote about a small project we conducted to deliver some mobiles and baby clothes to an orphanage in Marrakech. I’ve gotten so many responses from this post, to which I am always happy. The more interest there is, the better chances there are for these children to find a home. Some […]

What to Pack for Kids: Morocco

What to Pack for Kids Visiting Morocco

I’ve posted previously on what to pack for women visiting Morocco, and what to pack for men, so that leaves just one group to discuss – children! I’ve found many people don’t think “family destination” when they think of Morocco but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Morocco is a country that not only […]

Marking International Women’s Day in Morocco

Berber Womens Cooperative

Today is International Women’s Day, a holiday that has been celebrated since the early 1900′s when women began demanding fair pay and better working conditions. While it’s true women still are at an uneven par with men in the workplace the situation in Western nations is much better than that in the developing world. It’s […]

Visiting the Sahara Desert with Kids

Visiting the Sahara with Kids

Earlier this month my mom and stepdad came to visit. As all good children do we jam-packed the schedule to squeeze every ounce out of their visit as possible. With our children being in school during their visit, illnesses, and a small rash of bad weather we didn’t even come close to doing everything we […]

Applying for a Carte Sejour {Residency} in Morocco

carte sejour

Ah, the carte sejour. It conjurs up the horror of bureaucratic nightmares, long hours spent in lines, and filling out form after form of personal information. If you’re not familiar with this process let me explain. In Morocco, tourists who do not require an entry visa, are permitted to stay for up to 90 days. […]

Driving in Morocco and Being Illiterate

Driving in Morocco

Fact: I can’t read Arabic. Next Question People Ask: Good question. The truth is I can’t read Arabic (unless you count my ability to read and find the words “Allah” and “Coca-Cola” two words that I see almost with the same regularity here). But Morocco, like Quebec and other bilingual locations has done an excellent […]