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Marrakech's Saadian Tombs

The Saadian Tombs: Marrakech

Tucked into the kasbah of Marrakech you’ll find the Saadian Tombs. Typically graveyards aren’t high on my list of things to see when visiting somewhere new, and so it was many years before I actually visited this site. If you go on your own you might think there’s really not much to see here, and you’d be right. I highly recommend visiting with a guide who can give you the background and history of this site. The tombs are next to the Kasbah mosque built by the Almohad dynasty in 1184. It has recently been refurbished (it was originally remodeled…

Moroccan artists at work

An Inside Look at Moroccan Artisans at Work

In Morocco, things are still done the old way, by hand. Generations of men and women have learned the trades of their parents and grandparents and keep them alive. I never get tired of walking through the souks and fonduks to admire the work and I think anyone who comes to Morocco and wants to shop should do the same before purchasing items. Why? It’s amazing to see the work that goes into each piece and you will gain a new appreciation for the love and talent that goes into the work. It also might make anyone think twice before…

Majorelle Garden

Marrakech’s Jardin Majorelle

People ask me often what to do and see when they’re in Marrakech. Truthfully, I sometimes stumble over answering the question. Most people see the standard sights on a tour within the first few days they’re in the country. In reality there’s not a TON to see in Marrakech. When I hear other people answer the “what to see” question I tend to roll my eyes because I just don’t think the suggestions are all that worthy. So instead I’ll be doing a series of posts on the sites that I do think are really worth a visit. You can…

where to swim in marrakech

Where To Go Swimming in Marrakech

It’s not a secret that Marrakech is hot – really hot. This summer has been brutal with a few days reaching over 50C. For some people (like my family back home) this doesn’t even seem possible. In such a hot climate people are constantly looking for places to cool off. While you’ll find local kids taking to the fountains around town or the irrigation channels in the “olive forest,” I don’t recommend this as your swimming go to. Swimming is generally open from mid-April to November, give or take. Though my kids have been known to request swimming on warm days in December or…

Riad Cooking Class

How to: Make an Authentic Berber Tajine at Riad Quara – Marrakech

It’s safe to say that the only meal I’ve made more than tajine is pasta. But, my love for both has yet to run dry and I’ll never turn down the chance to learn more and have fun in a cooking class. While some people never grow tired of shopping, I never grow tired of cooking. Last month I popped into Riad Quara in Marrakech to test drive their cooking course.

Ultimate List of Morocco Resources

The Ultimate List of Morocco Experiences

What if I told you that in one blog post you could find dozens of the best blog posts on the internet all related to visiting Morocco? You’ve found that place! I have searched high and low to find as many valuable blog posts about Morocco as possible and add them all here. Of course you can always search my archives to find posts about Morocco (and I’ve mixed them into this post as well) but it’s always good to have as many opinions as possible. I’m certain you’ll find plenty of what you’re looking for here – and if…

Ourigane, the day trip from Marrakech you should take

Ouirgane: The Day Trip from Marrakech You Should Take

Day trips from Marrakech can be found on offer from dozens of vendors hawking their trips in Djem al Fna or booked through riads and hotels. But, not all day trips are created equal. The most popular destination is the Ourika Valley. It’s a beautiful place, during all times of the year but it’s also overrun by tourists during the warmer months (hint: go in winter!) A few months ago M and I went with Toubkal Peaks to the village of Ouirgane in the Atlas Mountains.


7 Tips for Buying a Rug in Marrakech

I have a small obsession with Moroccan rugs. By small what I really mean is that I have a big problem. I just can’t resist them! Aside from basic house goods I haven’t bought many decorative items for our Marrakech house- except for these. Just the other day we were at a rural market and as soon as my mother in law saw me eyeing rugs she grabbed my arm and pulled me away. Yes, I am simply that in love with them!