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{Guest Post} Spending a Day in Marrakech
I’ll be welcoming a few guest bloggers this month to share their Morocco ideas and experiences. This post is from Esther of Mooistestedentrips.  A visit to Marrakech is a boost for all your senses. You’ll spend your time in Marrakech seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling the best Morocco has... Read more
Rejuvenating at Riad Romm’an
“Mama, can this be our house?!” both of my kids exclaimed after walking into Riad Romm’an one evening. If only! It had been a trying few weeks, we’d returned from the United States to find a house full of our extended family. There was always lots of noise and... Read more
For months we’ve been watching the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. I think the first mention was in February and while reports have ebbed and flowed,we have of course kept it on our radar. Just last week I noticed mention of it on the American news when one... Read more
Where Kids Can Play in Marrakech
One of the single greatest resources when we moved to Marrakech was online Facebook groups. There are probably half a dozen if not more for Expats in Marrakech, Expats in Morocco, English Speakers in Morocco and so on (you get the point!) Some are more active than others but... Read more
You’ve been seeing a little less of me here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping busy! I’m so happy to share our Marrakech Food Tour has been seeing success and I find myself engaging in the day to day dealings of running a business, while balancing my... Read more
The Day I Ate Snails in Marrakech
  I love to eat, but the things I like to eat venture on the more “tame” side. I’ve been challenging my tastebuds and my comfort zone a lot this year. There was partridge pate in Spain, smoked reindeer in Finland, and even sheep head here in Morocco. All... Read more
Handling Medical Emergencies and Healthcare in Morocco
What’s your worst travel fear? For most people it’s getting sick or having a medical emergency far from home. But, when you choose to make your home in a foreign country understanding and using the medical care system can be even more intimidating and frightening. In October of last... Read more
What to Eat  and What to Avoid in Marrakech
Living in a city that gets more than double the number of tourists as residents yearly, there’s a big industry that caters to tourists. It makes sense. Whenever we’re out we see hundreds of them walking, eating, and enjoying the city. But, sometimes – ok lots of times –... Read more