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Wordless Wednesday: Deep in the Kasbah

Deep in the Kasbah

The Kasbah Door

Marrakech Kasbah Door

  When you marry someone from another culture there are somethings you have a hard time picturing. Childhood is one example. It’s safe to say that if I had married someone from say New York, our childhoods would have been pretty similar.  Sure there would have been small differences but we probably watched the same […]

The Olive Souq

olive stands

  Off D’jem al Fna square and around a corner you will find the olive souq.  Certainly it’s not the only market place in Marrakech selling these tasty orbs but it is easily accessible and the prices are clearly displayed.  If you are a tourist this is a plus.  There is little haggling that needs […]

Ouzoud Falls – Morocco

Ouzoud Falls

  This shot of Ozoud Falls was taken recently by a friend of mine on her Moroccan vacation. I had to share the picture because it was just so beautiful! Ouzoud (it means olives) Falls are located about 150km northeast of Marrakech. It’s a common day trip for tourists. You can rent a private taxi […]

Morocco and the Single Dad


When I started cramming for my LSAT exams I put out a call for guest posts. One of the responses was from Mahir a Twitter follower. I love his story about visiting Morocco as a single dad of two kids. I admire his bravery in taking on this journey and thank him immensely for sharing […]

WW: The Boys of Djem al Fna