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Tips for Dealing with Touts in Morocco

Tips for Dealing with Touts in Morocco

The cities of Morocco have a reputation for touts, or people who offer you a service you haven’t requested, such as “helping” you find your riad, or in the case of females those making unwanted advances. While there’s no way to completely avoid this, there are some ways to lessen them and prevent too much unwanted attention. Shopkeepers, restaurants, and some tour keepers are known to have an employee outside of their place of business trying to bring in sales. While it can be obnoxious to be constantly asked if you want to come inside to eat or to buy…

Door Dar Zaman

Our Couple’s Escape to Riad Dar Zaman

I truly believe in the importance of couples to spend time together, alone – especially once they have children. Of course, a trip to Morocco is a great opportunity to do just this! We highly recommend any visitors to Marrakech chose to stay in a riad. They’re a very unique part of the city’s culture and are a completely different experience than staying in a hotel. I previously shared two riads that offer different things for visitors. Riad Dar Zaman is a third option. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind when looking for riads are age restrictions. Some…

Daytrips from Marrakech Worth Taking

Day Trips from Marrakech Worth Taking

Marrakech is great but even true lovers of the city look for other things to do after a few days. The good news is you can keep Marrakech as your base while spending time exploring the surrounding areas. Taking a day trip or two is a great way to escape the crush (and heat!) of Marrakech and experience a completely different side of the country. I suggest staying in Marrakech for 2-3 days and then planning at least one day trip.

A Modern Moroccan Retreat at Riad Sapphire

Moroccan Modern Style at Riad Sapphire

From the outside, almost every riad looks the same. The doors might be different. The walls may be shorter or taller and of course the neighborhoods vary. But from the outside there’s no way of knowing what you’ll find inside. It could be a lush green garden surrounded be heavy tapestries and ornate rugs. Or maybe trellises of flowers reaching to the roof. Or, you may be completely surprised and find white and silver modern designs welcoming you. This is what we walked into at Riad Sapphire.  I love modern design. Clean lines, with simple decorations – a way to…

Taking photographs (or not) in Marrakech

Taking Photographs (or not) in Marrakech

Marrakech has the kind of light quality photographers dream of. Rarely do we have overcast days and typically I can shoot pictures using my camera in full automatic because it captures so well. There are also amazing sites to take in – things you don’t want to forget. It’s so tempting to have your camera at the ready at all times and snap away. But, chances are your DSLR lens may get in the way of you having a pleasant and memorable vacation.

Where to Eat in Marrakech Part Two

Where to Eat in Marrakech: Part Two

Visiting Marrakech and wondering where you should eat? It’s true that there’s some amazing food in this city. There’s also some really medicore food. Maybe it’s because there’s so many tourists visiting that restaurants don’t feel the need to keep a high quality. Or, maybe it’s because Moroccans don’t typically go out to restaurants to eat Moroccan food that the best Moroccan meals aren’t often eaten in restaurants. Whatever the reason, here are some of our favorite places. You’ll notice that most of them are not exclusively Moroccan, they’re a mixture of different types and styles of food. You can…

{Guest Post} Spending a Day in Marrakech

I’ll be welcoming a few guest bloggers this month to share their Morocco ideas and experiences. This post is from Esther of Mooistestedentrips.  A visit to Marrakech is a boost for all your senses. You’ll spend your time in Marrakech seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling the best Morocco has to offer. It was such a relief to arrive in Marrakech after traveling through Morocco for 3 weeks. Now, don’t get me wrong. I loved Morocco. The scenery was breath taking, our overnight stay in the Sahara was a night I’ll never forget and the Imperial Cities were colorful mazes full…

Riad Romm'an Marrakech

Rejuvenating at Riad Romm’an

“Mama, can this be our house?!” both of my kids exclaimed after walking into Riad Romm’an one evening. If only! It had been a trying few weeks, we’d returned from the United States to find a house full of our extended family. There was always lots of noise and commotion and so when I told them we’d be slipping away for the night to sleep in a riad they were over the moon. You don’t often play tourist in your own city, but with so many people asking me where they should stay for their visit to Marrakech I realized…