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Moroccan Modern Style at Riad Sapphire
From the outside, almost every riad looks the same. The doors might be different. The walls may be shorter or taller and of course the neighborhoods vary. But from the outside there’s no way of knowing what you’ll find inside. It could be a lush green garden surrounded be... Read more
Taking Photographs (or not) in Marrakech
Marrakech has the kind of light quality photographers dream of. Rarely do we have overcast days and typically I can shoot pictures using my camera in full automatic because it captures so well. There are also amazing sites to take in – things you don’t want to forget. It’s... Read more
Where to Eat in Marrakech: Part Two
Visiting Marrakech and wondering where you should eat? It’s true that there’s some amazing food in this city. There’s also some really medicore food. Maybe it’s because there’s so many tourists visiting that restaurants don’t feel the need to keep a high quality. Or, maybe it’s because Moroccans don’t... Read more
{Guest Post} Spending a Day in Marrakech
I’ll be welcoming a few guest bloggers this month to share their Morocco ideas and experiences. This post is from Esther of Mooistestedentrips.  A visit to Marrakech is a boost for all your senses. You’ll spend your time in Marrakech seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling the best Morocco has... Read more
Rejuvenating at Riad Romm’an
“Mama, can this be our house?!” both of my kids exclaimed after walking into Riad Romm’an one evening. If only! It had been a trying few weeks, we’d returned from the United States to find a house full of our extended family. There was always lots of noise and... Read more
For months we’ve been watching the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. I think the first mention was in February and while reports have ebbed and flowed,we have of course kept it on our radar. Just last week I noticed mention of it on the American news when one... Read more
Where Kids Can Play in Marrakech
One of the single greatest resources when we moved to Marrakech was online Facebook groups. There are probably half a dozen if not more for Expats in Marrakech, Expats in Morocco, English Speakers in Morocco and so on (you get the point!) Some are more active than others but... Read more
Want to come to Marrakech and Hang Out with Us?
A few weeks ago I got an email titled “Hello from Tea Collection.” My heart skipped a beat, could it be THE Tea Collection? Whose clothes inspired by global destinations made me smile while browsing through. I mean as an expat I spend my fair share of time dreaming... Read more