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The Untold Taxi Tale of Marrakech

The Untold Taxi Tale of Marrakech

Today’s guest post is from Jessica a blogger at Young Rubbish, who contacted me after reading several of my posts and asked if I would be interested in her sharing her story about Marrakech. Of course I said yes! I had no idea what was coming, and part of me assumed it would be the flowery, romantic story that usually gets told about magical Marrakech. When this story landed in my inbox I was instantly touched. This story, could be my story. Jessica conveys so many of the most sentimental feelings I hold about Morocco. The moments are there, you…

Life in Marrakech Month 19

Life in Marrakech: Month 19

I am sitting on my open rooftop, soaking in the sun for the first time in months. I can barely remember the changing of the seasons last year – one thing ran into the next and time whizzed by. But not this year. Just four or five days ago the days suddenly turned warm. When I would certainly need a warm jacket and layers in the evening, I can now leave my windows open well past dark. Before long the oppressive heat of a Moroccan summer will be here. But right now, it’s my favorite time of year.

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Budget Hostels to Consider in Marrakech

Think you can’t come to Marrakech unless you’ve got the pocketbook of a sultan? Think again! Hostels aren’t as common in Morocco as they are in Europe and in years past they were dingy, dirty, and overall not somewhere you’d want to spend any length of time. With more and more travelers visiting thanks to plentiful flights on European low-cost carriers, there are more budget options available. Be forewarned because I live in Marrakech, I haven’t spent the night in any of these hostels but have heard about them from other travelers and through the word of mouth circuit. You…

Romance in Marrakech

Romantic Ways to Enjoy Marrakech on any Budget

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and it’s got me thinking about romantic ways to enjoy Marrakech. We meet lots of couples visiting for their honeymoon or a vacation away. Whether you’re living here, visiting for a weekend, or for a week there are countless ways to have a memorable experience in the red city. To help I’ve broken down my suggestions into three categories; romance on a budget, a romantic splurge, and luxury romance. Now no matter how much you’ve got in your pocket you have no excuse not to make Valentine’s Day, or any other visit truly special. Romance…

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Marrakech: 2030 – A Future Vision of Sustainability

I first came to Marrakech in 2004 and the city then compared to the city now, were very different things. It had been five years since King Mohamed VI had come to power and he was just settling in, the people were adjusting to a new status quo and in many ways a new way of life. The gates of the country were being opened to tourists, albeit slowly but with the promise that there would be much more. The edges of Marrakech weren’t lined with hotels and nightclubs yet. There were riads but the big foreign ownership boom hadn’t happened…

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A Family Getaway to Riad Dar Darma

What if you could have the riad experience but still have a private apartment for you and your family? When we visited Riad Dar Darma we discovered this could come true! This riad was big and impressive from the beginning – I mean take a look at this door! You’ll notice they kept the traditional riad style of a double door. Traditionally these doors had two knockers that sounded different. If the lower one was used then it was known the person was on foot, if the bigger was used they were on horse or camel back. When we walked…

Tips for Dealing with Touts in Morocco

Tips for Dealing with Touts in Morocco

The cities of Morocco have a reputation for touts, or people who offer you a service you haven’t requested, such as “helping” you find your riad, or in the case of females those making unwanted advances. While there’s no way to completely avoid this, there are some ways to lessen them and prevent too much unwanted attention. Shopkeepers, restaurants, and some tour keepers are known to have an employee outside of their place of business trying to bring in sales. While it can be obnoxious to be constantly asked if you want to come inside to eat or to buy…

Door Dar Zaman

Our Couple’s Escape to Riad Dar Zaman

I truly believe in the importance of couples to spend time together, alone – especially once they have children. Of course, a trip to Morocco is a great opportunity to do just this! We highly recommend any visitors to Marrakech chose to stay in a riad. They’re a very unique part of the city’s culture and are a completely different experience than staying in a hotel. I previously shared two riads that offer different things for visitors. Riad Dar Zaman is a third option. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind when looking for riads are age restrictions. Some…