Moroccan Fried Chicken for #SundaySupper

Moroccan Fried Chicken

This weekend is considered the start of summer in the United States.  So, it makes sense that the theme for this weeks’ Sunday Supper is Picnics. It seems like we missed spring and are jumping right into summer considering we’ve only been without snow on the ground the last three weeks. I however, am not […]

Moroccan Hamburgers with Harissa Mayonnaise for #WeekdaySupper

Moroccan Burger with Harissa Mayo

This week I’m participating in #WeekdaySupper, where contributors share easy meal ideas to help you get dinner on the table. As soon as the snow melts here, and sometimes when it’s still flying, our grill is on overdrive.  Most everyone loves grilled burgers, but I like to mix that up.  This recipe combines the Moroccan […]

Braniya {Lamb and Eggplant Tajine} for #SundaySupper

Moroccan Lamb and Eggplant Tajine

The tajine is a Moroccan slow-cooker. It’s an ancient cooking pot originally used by the indigenous Berbers of North Africa. It is not only the word used to describe the cooking vessel but the meal contained inside. Braniya happens to be one of MarocBaba’s favorite meals, though it was only this year that he “remembered.” […]

Yucatan Pollo Pibil and Corn Tortillas for #SundaySupper

Pollo Pibil

If it’s even possible to believe, it snowed this week. Not just a little dusting either but 7″ of the white, yucky stuff. The weatherman says that it’s supposed to melt right away but I can’t help feeling depressed. But, today in a celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I’m teaming up with the rest of […]

الدار البيضاء Fish Tajine for #SundaySupper

Casablanca Fish Tajine

This week’s Sunday Supper theme is awesome.  I’m so excited!  Everyone is sharing a movie inspired recipe. Even though I loathe it, I wonder if you can guess which movie I’ve chosen? Want to know a little insider secret? There’s no such place as Rick’s Cafe – never was.  Flocks of tourists visit Casablanca every […]

Belizean Fish Serre for #WeekdaySupper

Belizean Fish Serre

Two weeks ago we were standing in the middle of the Belizean Jungle. Out the window today?  Kind of depressing isn’t it? We had the most amazing vacation and I completely fell in love with the Caribbean and Central America.  Like, head over heels in love. My only complaint was that we just didn’t have […]