Stick-free Halal Corn Dogs

corn dogs

My kids love corn dogs and thankfully I have been able to find some versions that are ok for them to eat.  The problem however is that they’re EXPENSIVE!  I’ve got an almost 8 year old that would and could eat 2-3 corn dogs for a meal. Then there’s that pesky stick that boys always […]

Freezer and Crock Pot Cooking + Midwestern Hotdish

Tator Tot Hot Dish

This is most definitely not Moroccan food – pretty obvious right?  Hold on for the recipe.  I’ve been posting a little about freezer and crock pot cooking because there is a) a lot of interest in this and b) I’ve been doing a lot of this myself.  When I say this I mean – it […]

Steamed and Stuffed Moroccan Chicken

steam stuffing

For some reason I really have an affinity for stuffed poultry.  Maybe it’s my American roots and that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  Or maybe it’s just that it’s oh so tasty!  There are many varieties of Moroccan stuffed main dishes.  Of course there’s stuffed chicken but there are also stuffed fish dishes. […]

Harira Dgeg (Moroccan Flour Soup)

soup dgeg

This is K.  Have you met him? He’s 4 and he’s always been a very picky eater.  If it wasn’t a chicken nugget or chocolate milk he wasn’t even going to try it. One night, MarocBaba made this; It’s flour soup.  Yes you heard me right.  I’ve been searching to see if there is a […]

Citrus Grilled Salmon

Citrus Grilled Salmon

Whew!!  This was one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a long time.  Generally I only work part-time at my day job however we had a big fundraising event this week (of which I am in charge) and frankly I barely had time to sleep and eat.  I believe I punched about 50 hours […]

Khlii – Moroccan Preserved Meat


Have you ever seen Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods Morocco?  If so you saw khlii.  Overall I was disappointed with this episode because frankly it just wasn’t that bizarre to me!  When he tried khlii it was labeled as rotten meat.  It’s not rotten meat.  Khlii is made from beef or lamb that is seasoned and […]