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95 Egg-cellent Dishes!

In American Food by Amanda Mouttaki8 Comments

My kids have grown a new love for eggs. This is great because here, we can buy fresh egg every day for pennies – literally. Last week my youngest decided …

Amanda Mouttaki95 Egg-cellent Dishes!
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Slow Cooker Chicken Shwarma

In Moroccan Food by Amanda Mouttaki8 Comments

I’ve been using my slow cooker a lot lately. ┬áSo much so that MarocBaba finally said to me at the end of last week, “Ok enough with that machine now!” …

Amanda MouttakiSlow Cooker Chicken Shwarma
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Date Ketchup and Chicken Bites

In American Food by Amanda Mouttaki4 Comments

“You’re making what?” was the question I was asked by MarocBaba and American Grandma after I told them I was making ketchup. MarocBaba added quizically “why would you want to …

Amanda MouttakiDate Ketchup and Chicken Bites