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Lamb and Artichoke Tajine
  Lamb or mutton is a meat that was new to me. My first memory encountering this was at a  seder meal every 5th grader at my church attended.  The seder meal marks the beginning of passover in Judaism.  Don’t ask me why a bunch of Scandinavian Lutherans included... Read more
Lamb and Vegetable Couscous
Whenever I tell someone MarocBaba is Moroccan, the conversation almost always ends up on couscous.  Even for people who have little knowledge about the country itself they know couscous.  It’s one of my favorite dishes too but not so for MarocBaba.  He never really liked it growing up and... Read more
An Edible Mosaic: Meat and Vegetable Casserole with Pomegranate
I am no stranger to Middle Eastern food though many Moroccan “foodies” would argue that Moroccan food isn’t Middle Eastern food.  I would tend to agree with that.  This recipe is a great example of just how true that is.  I am participating with several other food bloggers taking... Read more
Can you believe Eid as at the end of this week? I’ve been so busy that it snuck up and now I’m scrambling to get my menu in place and invitations out. I keep asking myself when I’m going to find time to actually cook! Usually I make mechoui... Read more
Roasted Moroccan Rack of Lamb {#SundaySupper}
  It”s not very often I make lamb out of the blue but a few weeks ago it seemed the perfect time to pull a rack of lamb chops from the freezer and slow roast them. I had received a package from Superior Farms a little while ago but hadn’t... Read more
Crockpot Paleo Lamb Stew with Cauliflower Rice
Recently my sister moved to the town we live in.  I am so excited that my niece and nephews are close by! When I first visited Morocco and met MarocBaba my sister was with and it’s safe to say she played some part in creating the events that led... Read more
I have a confession.  I haven’t been cooking much lately.  It’s true.  When I do cook I haven’t been all that inventive, relying on tried  and true recipes.  I’ve had a lot going on and my younger sister has moved home to have her second baby.  So, I’ve been... Read more
I have been meaning to get this recipe up for sometime but kept having other things to put up instead!  This is generally made during Eid al Adha in Morocco.  While I have never eaten it (I don’t do organs) MarocBaba and even M do like it.  The first... Read more