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The Untold Taxi Tale of Marrakech
Today’s guest post is from Jessica a blogger at Young Rubbish, who contacted me after reading several of my posts and asked if I would be interested in her sharing her story about Marrakech. Of course I said yes! I had no idea what was coming, and part of... Read more
Moroccan Kefta and Eggs Tagine
The blogging community is really amazing.  Over the past five years I have met so many wonderful people through our mutual shared interests.  When I began to prepare for our relocation, I knew that I had to make plans for my blog too, as I’m not sure how long... Read more
East German Goulash with Caramelized Onions
I’m so happy today to be guest posting for Beate at The Not So Cheesy Kitchen. She and I met through #SundaySupper and I’ve enjoyed reading her blog ever since. Today I’m sharing a recipe for goulash. After high school, I spent some time in Dresden, the most beautiful... Read more
{Expat Guest Post} Alyson of World Travel Family
When we decided to become expats, I knew there were others like us out there – I just had to find them.  Once I started looking, I was amazed at just how many people have chosen an expatriate lifestyle. So many people tell me that they wish they could... Read more
Morocco from A-Z Recently I guest posted on Glittering Muffins.  Valerie has a very cool guest post series in which people share information about their state, country or even city. I found it really interesting that when I sat down to think of something representing Morocco that started with... Read more
Guest Post: Mango & Tomatoes’ Moroccan Chicken
Today’s guest post comes from Olga at Mango & Tomato.  I had the pleasure of meeting Olga at Eat Write Retreat in May.  I had so much fun getting to know her. I really love her great eye for photography and fabulous recipes.  I’m so happy she was willing... Read more
Guest Post: Sweets of Serbia
Today’s guest post is from Lana of Bibberche.  She is a total sweetheart and I’ve long admired her from seeing her tweets.  I was so shy to even ask her if she would want to do a guest post because she is so talented and I thought she would... Read more
Today’s guest post is from Holly Warah of Arabic Zeal.  Holly has been a friend on Twitter (@dubai_words) for sometime now.  She is originally from Seattle but is currently an expat in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with her family and is an up and coming blogger.  I highly suggest... Read more