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Chicken Nuggets & A Thirty-One Giveaway

31 bag

Now that I have encouraged you to take a break from cooking by entering to win a great Saffron Road Foods entree (you still have 2 days left!)  I think it’s high time you had a chance at another reward.  We are avid lunch packers in my house.  I bring one to work everyday and MarocBaba and […]

First Day of Fasting and Tea for One

  Today is the first day of fasting and I hope that suhoor filled you up!  If this is one of the first times you’re fasting, it does get easier as the week goes on.  Because Ramadan is in the heat of summer this year make sure that you are drinking a lot of water in the […]

Ramadan Ready: Seneca Farms Fruit and Oatmeal

Ramadan is about a week away and I’ve been busy starting to cook and freeze some of our staples for the month.  One thing that I always struggle with is eating breakfast.  During this month Muslims do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset, and with this holiday falling in the summer that length […]

…to Keep Giving

Photo from Olga Berman

I’m still catching up on sleep and feel like  I have totally neglected sharing new recipes with you.  I have them I swear.  I even have the pictures sitting on my desktop in a folder just waiting to be re-sized and joined up with their respective recipes.  Isn’t it funny how throwing in a little […]

Souvenir Sunday: Girly Flair


I am so happy to be doing this giveaway today.  I have been working with Leslie of Glammy Girl Bowtique for almost a month now getting these bows ready.  Although I don’t have any girls I have a lot of friends with girls and it’s very hard to find flair that represents Moroccan or even […]

MarocMama Spice Giveaway


This week I’m giving away spices to TWO of my readers. If you’ve been wanting to give Moroccan recipes and spices a try this is your opportunity! Each winner will receive the spice mixture of their choice; either chicken, beef, or fish tajine spice mix. Each of these spices are hand mixed by me and […]