Wordless Wednesday: Essaouira Seagull

Essaouira pigenous


Ma’akouda – The Moroccan “French Fry”

maakouda patties

  It was after a long morning on the beach of Essaouira that we stumbled into the medina to find something for lunch.  Well equipped with a list of requests from the rest of the family we found a “snak” stand to place a very large order.  It was during this last visit to Morocco […]

How to Buy A Shark in Morocco

shark man essaouira morocco

After MarocBaba and I were engaged we took a trip for a few days to Essaouira, a few hours from Marrakech, to spend some time together.  When we went to Morocco this past fall we went to Essaouira again.  It was almost 7 years from our first visit.  We never took a honeymoon and the […]

Grilling Lunch in Essaouira

Moroccan Crab

The first time I went to Essaouira I had only been in the physical presence of my then-fiance 5 days.  It was on my second trip to Morocco (the first having been when we met).  It was in March and I was on spring break from college.  I remember the weather being cold as the […]