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Where to Eat in Essaouira: The Atlantic  Seaside Resort
One of the most popular destinations for day trips or an overnight from Marrakech is the port city of Essaouira. For good reason – it’s gorgeous! It’s one of our very favorite places to visit. I asked my friend Lynn of maroc-o-phile who lives in Essaouira for her recommendations... Read more
Adventure Sports in Essaouira
One of our favorite places in Morocco is the seaside city of Essaouira. It’s less than two hour drive from Marrakech but it feels like a world away. The first time I visited, was right after MarocBaba and I were engaged, and we’ve gone regularly ever since. Ask my... Read more
Eating in Essaouira
The laid back, windy city of Essaouira is a family favorite. We love the coastal location and short distance from Marrakech. But, maybe most importantly we love the food! In big cities we’ve found great food, at higher prices but in Essaouira we consistently have found excellent food at... Read more
Wordless Wednesday: Nets
  “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”    –Jacques Cousteau Nets washed to the shores of Essaouira, Morocco October 2012 You May Also LikeWordless Wednesday: Essaouira Seagull96   Tags: essaouira, wednesday, wordlessWordless Wednesday: Beyond The Sea93It's far beyond the star It's... Read more
It’s far beyond the star It’s near beyond the moon I know beyond a doubt My heart will lead me there soon We’ll meet beyond the shore We’ll kiss just as before Happy we’ll be, beyond the sea And never again I’ll go sailin’ ~Frank Sinatra “Somewhere Beyond the... Read more
(You can find Part One of this adventure here)   As we walked out across the water I began to wonder where Ismail was taking us. Actually I was really wondering when this horse ride was going to be over.  It is safe to say that at this point... Read more
  The medina of Essaouira is 100x’s easier to follow than Marrakech. It’s straight forward without the winding, twisting alleyways that seem to double back and turn in circles. It’s not loaded with products to entice tourists (this is not to say those products don’t exist). It’s a market... Read more

The Beaches of Mogador

Morocco January 12, 2012 2

Bucket List #46 – Ride A Horse on A (almost) Deserted Beach   I have a bad track record with beaches.  I do not like to swim in the ocean and I do not like to wear a bathing suit.  I do love looking at the ocean.  The first... Read more