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Gluten-Free Strawberry, Mint and Lemon Tart

Gluten Free Strawberry Mint Lemon Tart

When we found out about MarocBaba’s celiac diagnosis I was a little afraid. I had always relied on store-bought breads, treats and other baked goods to make up for my shortfalls in that department.  Once I saw the price tag on a loaf of gluten-free bread I had sticker shock. I knew that it would […]

Cooking with Boys: Monster Brownies

monster brownies

Several weeks ago I wrote a post called Raising Muslim Boys: Creating a Helping Tradition at Home, for American Muslim Mom.  You can head over there to read the entire article but one of the points I touched on was encouraging boys to become self-sufficient and capable of doing any household tasks. This includes in […]

Turkish Baklava

baklava 2

Last month I had the good fortune to attend a Turkish cooking class that was hosted by a lady from our mosque.  I’ve adored the food of Greece and Turkey since I visited over 10 years ago (wow I’m getting old!).  I’ve never met someone who dislikes baklava, a staple treat in the region.  I’m […]

Grilled Peaches & Marscapone with Honey and Almonds

Finished Peaches

It seems like Ramadan has gone as fast as it crept up.  Today is the last day of fasting .  This week M starts 2nd grade and MarocBaba is back at school too.  I’m looking forward to a more regular schedule but it’s only a few weeks before we take off again for Morocco.  I’ve […]

Remembering The Ones We Love

pb pie

In May, I went to Washington DC for my first food blogging conference and had the opportunity to meet so many lovely people including one that’s been in my thoughts and prayers a lot lady.  Jennifer Perillo blogs at In Jennie’s Kitchen and I so enjoyed her talk at the conference.  I wish I could […]

Cooking with M: Strawberry Parfait


It’s been a little sporadic around here as I work a few weeks ahead of time getting prepared for Ramadan.  I have so much planned for the month and I know that it’s going to really be awesome!  Today I’m sharing a little recipe that my oldest M made up.  Lately he has been my […]