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Sesame Cookies ~ Halwa Simsim
Moroccan cookies are traditionally made with a handful of ingredients.  Almonds, sesame seeds and honey are the three ingredients found in some combination on nearly every cookie. It wasn’t a surprise that this cookie was no different.  I made these cookies for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap but... Read more
Moroccan Chocolate Cake #TeaTimeTraditions
I recently found a new monthly cooking themed blog hop called Tea Time Treats and I am so excited!  Even though I don’t have little girls, my boys have grown up drinking tea. It’s a HUGE tradition in Morocco so it probably would be more strange if they hadn’t.... Read more
Messy Monster Cookies for #SundaySupper
 Halloween is not a holiday we throw ourselves into. We dress the kids up and take them trick or treating but we’re definitely not your creepy neighbors with tombstone decorations and spooky music playing on the door step all October. When I was growing up my parents weren’t those people... Read more
My Sicilian Roots: Pistachio Gelato and Brioche
A little while ago I was researching breakfast recipes.  I’ve always struggled with finding breakfast dishes that everyone would eat. MarocBaba and the kids like to eat traditional Mediterranean breakfasts that include bread, cheeses, sliced meats, olives, and other spreads like fresh butter, honey or chocolate cream. I began... Read more
Date and Walnut Pockets
These tasty cookies are better known throughout the Middle East as ma’amoul and they are delicious. This isn’t a recipe I thought I would find in a “sandwich book” but when you look at it they really are just like a sandwich. Dough on either side with a filling!... Read more
Chocolate Chip, Pistachio, Fig Cookies
Who doesn’t love cookies? Better yet, who doesn’t love a cookie challenge? A few weeks ago Kurt from Livefire (one of my fellow Verizon Savvy Gourmets) challenged all of us to a cookie showdown.  OK it’s really not a showdown but just a fun cookie challenge.  First I was... Read more
So Long Summer, Save Me Some Indian Spice Krispies!
Today for the first time, I dropped off both of my boys at elementary school. I’ve been dreaming about this day for at least the last 5 weeks.  We have had a REALLY full summer and for someone like me, who thrives on having a routine and schedule I’ve... Read more
Almond Peach Cobbler
When I first opened my foodie penpals box a few weeks ago I could smell the peaches. I’m sure that my penpal didn’t go to a peach farm and pick these however just knowing they were much fresher than what turns up in our grocery store.  The smell immediately... Read more