12 Delicious Couscous Recipe

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Couscous is one of the simplest side dishes to cook. Sure the instant couscous sold in store aisles can’t hold a candle to real Moroccan couscous but it can be …

Amanda Mouttaki12 Delicious Couscous Recipe

Guest Post: Hand Rolled Couscous

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If there is anyone that knows Moroccan food it’s Paula Wolfert.  She truly is the queen, the Julia Child’s of Moroccan food in America.  I adore her cookbooks and she …

Amanda MouttakiGuest Post: Hand Rolled Couscous

One Dish Couscous and Chicken

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Have you ever planned a meal in your head certain that you had everything on hand, then gotten halfway into making it only to realize you’re missing a key ingredient? …

Amanda MouttakiOne Dish Couscous and Chicken