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World Kitchen: Mexican Mole

Crepe in my fabulous Calphalon pan!

No not a little brown spot or the rodent.  Mole like Mow – lay.  Last weekend was time again for our monthly “tweet while you cook” World Kitchen event.  This month’s recipe was a Coloradito Oaxacan Mole.  This was so out of my realm of cooking experience that it was something to look forward to. […]

Skillet Lemon Chicken


One of my favorite restaurant’s is PF Chang’s.  Since we have moved, the closest one is well over an hour away.  I don’t get to go very often anymore.  Every time I do go I order the Lemon Chicken.  Sure I could pick other things but why – this is what I love!  I do […]

Cornish Hen ala Morocaine


Everyone loves a roast chicken, and I love braised chicken even more.  If you’ve never had a cornish hen or poussin as our friends over the pond like to call it is  a young chicken.  It is primarily white meat with very small little legs.  This is great for our house because no one likes […]

Tajine Tales: Chicken with Smen and Green Olives


It didn’t break!!  I’ve blogged a few times about my bad luck with cracking tajines.  The most recent tajine that I’ve gotten I didn’t take any chances with – doing lots of prepping before actually using it.  I very timidly decided to try it out, cooking a chicken tajine on very low temperatures and only […]

French Fridays with Dorie: Chicken B’stila


  Eeeek!  The week got away from me and I didn’t get a chance to try Dorie’s recipe for b’stila.  So I guess that means I will just have to share my own!  I was really looking forward to this week since it is a Moroccan recipe. I’m guessing it would up in the cookbook […]

Food of the Sun: Chicken and Cannellini Beans

Chicken and Cannellini Beans

  I’ve been reading so many cooking magazines and cookbooks lately that I haven’t even had time to make recipes from them!  I have been trying to incorporate more beans and fiber into our diet, as I am anemic and my husband has cholesterol issues.  This truly is a comfort dish.  It has the lemony […]