A Fearless Guide to Food and Travel

Cornish Hen ala Morocaine
Everyone loves a roast chicken, and I love braised chicken even more.  If you’ve never had a cornish hen or poussin as our friends over the pond like to call it is  a young chicken.  It is primarily white meat with very small little legs.  This is great for... Read more
Tajine Tales: Chicken with Smen and Green Olives
It didn’t break!!  I’ve blogged a few times about my bad luck with cracking tajines.  The most recent tajine that I’ve gotten I didn’t take any chances with – doing lots of prepping before actually using it.  I very timidly decided to try it out, cooking a chicken tajine... Read more
  Eeeek!  The week got away from me and I didn’t get a chance to try Dorie’s recipe for b’stila.  So I guess that means I will just have to share my own!  I was really looking forward to this week since it is a Moroccan recipe. I’m guessing... Read more
Food of the Sun: Chicken and Cannellini Beans
  I’ve been reading so many cooking magazines and cookbooks lately that I haven’t even had time to make recipes from them!  I have been trying to incorporate more beans and fiber into our diet, as I am anemic and my husband has cholesterol issues.  This truly is a... Read more
Chicken Tajine with Potatoes and Green Olives
Looking for a change from the Chicken, Olive and French Fry tajine?  Try using regular potatoes!  Saves some time in cooking and eliminate the frying for a little healthier option.  This is another of my children’s favorite meals! Ingredients 1 lb of chicken 1/2 preserved lemon 1-2 potatoes quartered... Read more
One of my favorite ideas is Once a Month Cooking (check out Trish and her great recipes), not because I actually believe that I could cook a month’s worth of meals for my family.  I do like to prepare several meals that go into the freezer and I can... Read more
Having a very tame food background has made new eating experiences very eye opening for me.  Growing up we ate traditional Midwestern fare.  Lots of meat and potatoes.  Spaghetti, casseroles, and the like.  As I traveled and experienced more of regional world cuisine I couldn’t get enough.  One of... Read more
Take-Out Chicken from your Kitchen!
When you have a 6 year old and a 3 year old, one item that’s a staple in their diet is chicken nuggets.  It’s also safe to say that as a parent you’re pretty tired of the same old chicken nuggets.  I am there.  I’ve been there.  I have... Read more