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  There are two Moroccan meals that I learned first.  This is one of them (the other is Moroccan style lentils). Although I now can make any number of tajines and other dishes, chicken with potatoes and preserved lemons brings back really nice memories. It took me many tries... Read more
Mediterranean Baked Chicken with Lemongrass Coriander Honey Vinegar
Have you been following me on Pinterest? I’ve started a weekly meal plan board that I switch out the recipes for every week.  There was a time when I was really picky when it came to meal planning and I loved the structure that it provided me.  But, I... Read more
The last month has been a very busy time for me.  There were more family activities than normal, a nephew was born,  a birthday party was planned and carried out (K turned 5), and a terrible toothache that led to having my wisdom teeth extracted.  I’m kind of tired... Read more
For some reason I really have an affinity for stuffed poultry.  Maybe it’s my American roots and that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  Or maybe it’s just that it’s oh so tasty!  There are many varieties of Moroccan stuffed main dishes.  Of course there’s stuffed chicken but... Read more
Guest Post: Mango & Tomatoes’ Moroccan Chicken
Today’s guest post comes from Olga at Mango & Tomato.  I had the pleasure of meeting Olga at Eat Write Retreat in May.  I had so much fun getting to know her. I really love her great eye for photography and fabulous recipes.  I’m so happy she was willing... Read more
This weekend MarocBaba tried some bread at a barbeque.  I think you might be able to guess what the results were..yea a big tummy ache and other side effects.  We’re pretty convinced now that he does have some degree of gluten intolerance so it’s back to eliminating gluten completely.... Read more
Summer is finally here!  We’ve managed to have several weeks of temperatures in the 70’s so I think it’s safe to say now.  A little over a week ago we embarked on a new journey. MarocBaba has always had stomach problems from the time he was a small child.... Read more
One of my favorite restaurant’s is PF Chang’s.  Since we have moved, the closest one is well over an hour away.  I don’t get to go very often anymore.  Every time I do go I order the Lemon Chicken.  Sure I could pick other things but why – this... Read more