Gluten-Free Biscuits and Chicken Sausage Gravy

Gluten-Free Halal Biscuits and Gravy

When I was growing up my family would take regular vacations to Florida. We didn’t travel the luxurious way (i.e. airplane) we drove.  From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Florida is a 27 hour drive at least.  Not so much fun when you’re stuck in van hour upon hour.  We would drive the entire […]

Breakfast Dukkah and a {Giveaway}

Dukkah Oatmeal

  I am a sucker for snack foods. It’s a huge downfall when I’m trying to watch what I eat so I really try to find great options that still are healthy. A few weeks ago I was introduced to Vibrant Flavors dukkah and pretzels and let’s just say I was smitten from the beginning. […]

Apple Pear Galette with Jarlsberg Cheese {Gluten-Free}

Apple and Pear Galette with Jarlsberg Cheese

  Desserts and breakfast treats have, by far been the hardest items for me to replicate in a gluten-free version.  They also are the things that MarocBaba misses the most.  I think we all miss it.  I haven’t felt like it’s fair to enjoy these treats when I know he can’t. Instead I’ve been flexing […]

M’semmen Tutorial (video)

It’s here, it’s here! One of the most requested video tutorials is finally here! If you’ve been wanting to make m’semmen or have tried but it hasn’t worked out here’s the video how to! You can find the original recipe here.     I’m always open to suggestions for recipes you would like to see […]

Moroccan Breakfast Ideas

Moroccan breakfast 2

This week get ready for posts sharing our past trip to Morocco.  I have to admit I haven’t been overly creative in the kitchen lately.  Maybe it’s the cold weather, lack of motivation or just being really really busy.  Even when I have cooked the food has gotten scarfed before photographing! I occasionally find myself […]

Marrakech Street Breakfast

moroccan breakfast

Moroccan breakfasts fit into two different categories.  The first is a simple breakfast usually consisting of bread, olive oil, maybe butter or preserves and could include some type of meat and la vache qui rit (or laughing cow cheese triangles that have made their way to American grocery stores).  The other type is a sticky […]