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Homemade Sea Salt Soft Pretzels

Homemade Sea Salt Soft Pretzels

Last week K casually came to me and asked, “Mom, can you make some Lego marshmallows, please?” Lego marshmallows? What are those?  I promised him that I would look online to see if such a thing even exists. (A friend later told me that yes, they do exist and can be found on YouTube.) But […]

Strawberry Hazelnut Muffins

Strawberry Hazelnut Muffins Horizontal

As a child, each Valentine’s Day my mom would make my sister and I something special for breakfast, like heart shaped pancakes or pink milik and had always put together a big Valentine gift. It wasn’t something fancy, not even a toy but usually some of our favorite candy and a card letting us know […]

Gluten-Free Moroccan Style Round Bread

Gluten Free Moroccan Bread

In Morocco, bread is cheap – really cheap. Just today I got 2 big loaves of French bread for about 15 cents. Granted, the average income here is much lower this is still a very affordable staple. Bread is on the table for every meal and every snack. Try telling someone in Morocco you don’t […]

Lindsay Olives Summer Party


This is an exciting week for me and MarocMama, it’s a full week of olive love!  It should come as no surprise to many that we eat a lot of olives. Morocco is well known for their olives and olive oil.  I always come home with kilos of them in my suitcase.  But they only […]

Tomato Parmesan Cornbread Muffins

finished cornbread

I find that in the summer it’s so easy to find inspiration in the variety of fresh produce available.  Just a quick walk through our local farmer’s market and I’ve got dozens of recipe ideas churning in my head.  I relish this weekly experience and look forward with anticipation each weekend to see what will […]

Dorie’s Brioche


This is not healthy, this is not low fat.  This IS delicious.  Yeast breads and me haven’t really found our balance yet.  Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail when it comes to making this kind of bread.  I have been craving brioche in the worst way lately and it’s impossible to find where I […]