Tangia Marrakechia


I’ve never shared this recipe on my site and recently thought about why.  One of the most well known dishes of Morocco and of Marrakech especially is tangia Marrakechia.  It is only made in Marrakech and is highly popular.  It is known as the bachelor’s dish, often made by single guys, I’m guessing because of […]

Pepper Stuffin’ Yum


It’s March and it’s still cold, and by cold I don’t mean 45F..I mean it was 2F this morning.  I can’t help whining about this because I am getting so anxious for warmer above freezing weather.  Seriously, snow and ice for 5 months is more than any human should be made to endure.  Maybe I am […]

Veal Cutlets with Barley Pilaf


Veal is one meat that I have avoided for a long time, because of how it is raised.  Growing up in a rural community I learned in my late teens how veal came to be and found the practice repulsing.  Some facts about veal that many people might not know; Veal calves are taken from […]

Meatball Tajine

Meatball Tajine

A very popular tajine is the egg and meatball tajine.  It’s great because it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Paired with a salad it makes a fantastic dinner.  Coupled with some tea and dates a nice, hearty breakfast.  I don’t always like eggs so I changed this recipe slightly and made simply […]

French Fridays (on Saturday): My Go to Beef Daube

Beef stew is one of my very favorite foods and when I saw this recipe on the docket for December I was so excited to try another type of stew.  Stew also is very similar to Moroccan tajine (albeit with different spices) and I generally face little resistance from my husband!  I made this dish […]

My Favorite Meatloaf

I guess I have been taking a break lately from cooking a lot of Moroccan dishes, so hopefully you won’t mind this great meatloaf recipe instead!  It’s super tasty and easy to pull together in a hurry.  I’ve got a couple great Moroccan dishes planned this week to share with you!Ingredients:1 lb grass fed organic […]