Tangia Marrakechia

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I’ve never shared this recipe on my site and recently thought about why.  One of the most well known dishes of Morocco and of Marrakech especially is tangia Marrakechia.  It …

Amanda MouttakiTangia Marrakechia

Pepper Stuffin’ Yum

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It’s March and it’s still cold, and by cold I don’t mean 45F..I mean it was 2F this morning.  I can’t help whining about this because I am getting so …

Amanda MouttakiPepper Stuffin’ Yum
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Meatball Tajine

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A very popular tajine is the egg and meatball tajine.  It’s great because it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Paired with a salad it makes a fantastic …

Amanda MouttakiMeatball Tajine

Roman Rice Balls

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A long time ago I came across a recipe from Mario Batali for Suppli al Telefono – Stuffed Rice Balls.  On a whim I decided to give them a shot …

Amanda MouttakiRoman Rice Balls