A Fearless Guide to Food and Travel

I usually prepare a big iftar meal for my husband during Ramadan.  We would eat plenty of haraira, briouats and other tasty traditional Moroccan dishes.  This year I’m alone and going through all that trouble just doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Instead I’m opting for light and healthy... Read more
Tajine of Beef and Apricots
*waves* Hi there!  Remember me?  Probably not it’s been so long since I’ve come by!  It’s been busy around here and the kitchen is the last place that I’ve been.  You see my husband and kids have gone home to Morocco for a few weeks (7 actually), and I’ve... Read more
The sun has finally shown here for more than two consecutive days and I am wavering on the possibility that it just might be summer time….or spring at least…I’m not sure.  I’ve been seeing so many artichoke recipes lately that it was making me tear up just thinking about... Read more
Soup(s) are not big in our house.  At least they never seemed to be but lately I’ve been hitting on something that is appealing.  I had a bunch of dried beans in the cupboard and was really craving soup – actually I was craving Pasta e Fagoli, you know... Read more
Slow Cooker Tajine with White Beans
Our schedule has been getting consistently busier as my boys are getting older so I’ve had to start playing with the slow cooker a bit.  A few weeks ago I tried another recipe without telling the family that I made it in the slow cooker (they tend to be... Read more
I have been working on getting this post up for sometime.  It’s been longer between posts than I would really like and I hope to change that.  I miss my kitchen!  This recipe I originally found in Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco by Paula Wolfert. If you’re... Read more
Moroccan Mini Meatloafs and Spicy Smashed Potatoes
I started getting Food Network magazine around Christmas time and really enjoy reading it.  I have found most of the recipes to be fairly basic but fun to look at and figure out ways to change them up.  In the December issue there was a recipe for Skillet Meatloaf... Read more
I know that in my last post I claimed to be making a chicken tajine with olives at my cooking class, however I changed my mind. This is my very favorite Moroccan food, it also was the one (aside from organ meat) that I was most skeptical about (I... Read more