Asian Style Beef Tacos

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One of the best things I have found to supplement the lack of bread since moving to a more gluten-free existence (we’re about 80% GF – 20% no) are corn …

Amanda MouttakiAsian Style Beef Tacos

Khlii – Moroccan Preserved Meat

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Have you ever seen Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods Morocco?  If so you saw khlii.  Overall I was disappointed with this episode because frankly it just wasn’t that bizarre to me! …

Amanda MouttakiKhlii – Moroccan Preserved Meat

Visiting Some Old Favorites

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On the weekends I usually take a little more time to prepare larger meals and favorite foods.  For me during the week it’s just too hard to keep up and …

Amanda MouttakiVisiting Some Old Favorites