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Slow Cooker Mediterranean Shredded Beef with Olives
Slow cookers are a great tool to have in the kitchen especially during the hot summer months.  Using one makes it possible to have warm food without having a hot kitchen.  It is a one pot wonder!  For this recipe I used my trusty slow cooker along with some... Read more
Guest Post: Amnahs’ Moroccan Meatball Tagine
Today’s guest post is from a new blogging buddy of mine.  Amnah is an absolute darling and I have really enjoyed getting to know her.  She is a fellow contributor at American Muslim Mom and is the mom I wish I could be!  You should really stop by her... Read more
Good News and Greek Stew
It seems that there are so many good things going on lately for me and this little blog.  I started this site in 2007 because my younger sister was always bugging me for recipes.  I am so happy that it has become so much more than just a recipe... Read more
Beef and Chickpea Tajine
  After I had my youngest son I became very anemic.  I was tired all the time and I felt like every little ounce of energy I had was being sapped out of my system.  I chalked this up to having a 3 year old and a newborn but... Read more
It’s March and it’s still cold, and by cold I don’t mean 45F..I mean it was 2F this morning.  I can’t help whining about this because I am getting so anxious for warmer above freezing weather.  Seriously, snow and ice for 5 months is more than any human should be... Read more
Veal is one meat that I have avoided for a long time, because of how it is raised.  Growing up in a rural community I learned in my late teens how veal came to be and found the practice repulsing.  Some facts about veal that many people might not... Read more
Meatball Tajine

Meatball Tajine

Moroccan Food December 28, 2010 6

A very popular tajine is the egg and meatball tajine.  It’s great because it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Paired with a salad it makes a fantastic dinner.  Coupled with some tea and dates a nice, hearty breakfast.  I don’t always like eggs so I changed... Read more
A long time ago I came across a recipe from Mario Batali for Suppli al Telefono – Stuffed Rice Balls.  On a whim I decided to give them a shot and they quickly turned into a family favorite.   They are not hard to make but they are a bit... Read more