Ramadan Revealed

Ramadan Revealed

Ramadan Revealed



Six Weeks of Live Webinars

May 16th BackgroundA background session on Ramadan, what it is, why it’s important and general practices during this month. Special Guest: Aya Khalil, a freelance journalist and educator. Aya has a master’s degree in Education with a focus in teaching English as a second language. Her website is www.ayakhalil.blogspot.com.

May 23rd The HomePreparing your home for this month, understanding the changes that occur, and practical advice to ensure it runs smoothly. Special guest this week, Ameera Rahim publisher of Habeebee Homeschooling and Traditional Muslimah Homemaker.

May 30th ChildrenRamadan is an important learning time for our children. This weeks’ session will offer you hints, tips, and ideas to help your children grow spiritually as much as possible during this month. Special Guest this week, Amnah Ibrahim, of the popular Muslim Mom blog This Little Life of Mine and Disney Baby contributor.

June 6th  SpiritualThe most important part of Ramadan is the spiritual experience of participants. During this session receive ideas to prepare your heart, body, and soul for transformation. Special Guest: Umm Yusuf Aisha Lbhalla an accomplished speaker and event organizer for Muslimahs. In 2011 she co-founded Ukhti Fillah, a sisters group that organizes educational, social, and personal development activities for Muslim women.  She is currently enrolled with the Islamic Online University to obtain a bachelors degree in Islamic studies.

June 13th  KitchenAfter a full day of fasting, nourishment is important. This week we will cover ideas to prepare ahead of time, keep your kitchen stocked, and ready to make the next month a success in the kitchen. Special guest this week, Yvonne Maffei author of the pre-eminent website for halal cuisine, My Halal Kitchen.

June 20th  Work/Life BalanceIn many Islamic countries work schedules change for the month of Ramadan to make allowances for worship and adjusted sleeping hours.  This is not the case in non-Muslim countries. During this week topics covered will include issues such as how to remain productive at work while fasting.Special guest this week is Kimberly Ben publisher of Muslimah’s Working at Home and Avid Writer.