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Opening Ceremonies: Food Olympics 2012

The Olympic opening ceremonies are tonight!  In honor of celebrating this great world event I decided to host a food Olympics.  Below you’ll find recipes from all over the world.  Make a few and get in the Olympic spirit!!  If you would like to contribute a recipe representing your nation of origin or simply a national dish you love please join up in the linky at the bottom of the post. Also from China; Boiled Coke and Ginger Tea from Steve at Your Not From Around Here, Are You?  One of the great pick-me-ups I discovered in China is boiled Coca-Cola and Ginger. From those with colds to tired athletes, a cup of sugary Coke with the tang of ginger awakens the mind and body alike. Black Pepper Beef in Peanut Sauce from Amanda at Amanda’s Cookin’ Egg Drop Soup from Amanda at Amanda’s Cookin’   Nothing like a hot bowl of goulash to warm you up on a cold winter …

Amanda MouttakiOpening Ceremonies: Food Olympics 2012
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Chicken Salad with Harissa Dressing and Date, Tamarind, Walnut Briouats

The first few days of Ramadan I am always excited to prepare meals that we rarely have during the rest of the year.  However by the end of the first week I start to notice bits and pieces of leftovers in my fridge and my enthusiasm begins to wane. Some of my favorite dinners are conceived using leftovers and pantry items that are taking up space.  Normally I don’t serve leftovers to guests but sometimes a last minute visit occurs and I don’t have a lot of time to prepare a big meal. This salad was born with that thought in mind. With a little re-purposing and the help of Saffron Road hors d’oeuvres I took leftovers up a notch.  Your guests will be impressed (and satisfied) with this salad and it only takes 15 minutes to prepare! Ingredients Baked or rotisserie chicken Your favorite lettuce mix sliced cucumbers toasted sesame seeds optionally you could add pepper slices, zucchini, carrot …

Amanda MouttakiChicken Salad with Harissa Dressing and Date, Tamarind, Walnut Briouats
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5 Tips for Creating Diverse Eating Habits in Kids

My children have always been around a multitude of different types of food.  They love “kid foods” but they also are not afraid (most of the time) to try new things.  Kids in America today are bombarded with messages from the processed food industry. Sure it’s easier to give them dinners  of chicken nuggets, frozen fish sticks and  french fries. But, the food messages we give our children today are the messages that will stick with them throughout their life.  I truly believe that raising children who have a broad palate helps them make better food choices and to be more thoughtful and appreciative of food in general. To help with this I’ve created five tips to encourage diverse eating habits with children.   Be conscious of what messages you’re sending. Let’s face it we’ve all fallen victim to this.  How many times have you caught yourself telling your child, “oh no sweetie you won’t like that.” I know I …

Amanda Mouttaki5 Tips for Creating Diverse Eating Habits in Kids
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Eat The World – 2012 Food Olympics

I LOVE the Olympics.  Even when I was really young I can remember waiting to watch the opening ceremonies to see all of the country flags, outfits and teams. It was so exciting to see people from all over the world. I guess you could say I had a huge love of the world for all of my life. I thought that it would be fun to see if I could get recipes from bloggers all over the world to share on Friday July 27th, the opening day of this years’ Olympics. Ideally the recipe you share is one from your own website however if you don’t have a blog but have a favorite recipe representing your country/culture (or even one of your favorite places) I’d love to include it! Here’s how it works – Send me the recipe using this form – On Friday July 27th, I’ll create a post highlight all of the recipes sorted by country – …

Amanda MouttakiEat The World – 2012 Food Olympics
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The Best Meal I’ve Eaten {Recently}

I’ve been so busy here getting ready for Ramadan that I almost forgot to share with you some exciting news.  At the end of June I went to Chicago for the day to meet with some other great Midwestern bloggers.  Verizon Wireless selected us to be a part of their Midwest Savvy Gourmets’ program for the next six months.  The program pairs food bloggers with the latest technology.  I’m pretty geeky when it comes to technology so I was excited to see what was in store. Verizon put us up at the really awesome Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Chicago. (Travel bugs take note this is a great hotel!) Saturday we were in for a full day of activities. When we first arrived and went into the conference room I think all of us were surprised to see Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen sitting at the table.  I truly assumed that we would be equipped with a new device, shown …

Amanda MouttakiThe Best Meal I’ve Eaten {Recently}
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Ramadan Resource Round-Up

With Ramadan just around the corner I thought I would share some of my favorite resources for Ramadan products and inspiration.  Whether you’re looking for spiritual inspiration, help in the kitchen, or decorating for guests, these companies and resources I know and trust. Paper Goods Just a few years ago it was virtually impossible to find high-quality Ramadan decorations and paper goods.  If you wanted Ramadan napkins or iftar invitations – forget it!  There have been a few really great companies that now offer excellent products. Silver Envelope offers not only Ramadan and Eid products but also items for                         a new baby or wedding.  With a wide variety of options and products available           there’s something for every celebration here.      modernEID has some very beautiful and unique designs. If you’ve got even an ounce of creativity you will love using their materials. …

Amanda MouttakiRamadan Resource Round-Up